Re-usable art?

Beeswax paper HAPS Nordic / Image by Sannie Nielsen

This image made me take in a little longer, than your average image…
Is it ART? It looks like it to me.
Beautiful colours with graphic lines in unrecognizable forms.
Love it when images make me stop and take time.
Knowing that something must be very interesting about it.

I was scrolling through the IG of The Milk Minimalist,
a lovely online kids-store from the Netherlands.
Not a regular kind, but very well curated.
Especially in colour-tones. And then I found this image.

What do you think it is?

Happily surprised I found out it is food wrapping.
Made of beeswax cotton wraps. Re-usable.
A natural alternative to tin foil, cling film, and sandwich paper.
It’s from HAPS Nordic. And they happen to have more products
for a sustainable kitchen. WHOOHOO!

It worried me lately, using those foils and tins
and not even to be able finding paper to pack sandwiches.
I really had to look for it, as I was assuming
it would be the new normal instead.

Happy we found you!
Thank you for the inspiration

Photography and styling: Sannie Nielsen
Online shopping through: The Milk Minimalist
Design: HAPS Nordic

Wild hairy friend…


Literally every single day…, we get inspired.
Most of the time they are small things which sometimes happen to be big.
By our city life, the news, designers, artists, musicians and our everyday world.

But sometimes there are moments we really get surprised
and we literally yell WOWWW!!!

Today Dutch artist Rop van Mierlo will present ‘the first object’
from his (and Remco van der Velden’s) new brand W.I.L.D.A.N.I.M.A.L.S.
In St. Moritz, Switzerland at NOMAD.

The book WILD ANIMALS (2010) made him famous all over the world.
Sold in MoMA in New York, Design Museum London
and late Colette in Paris, amongst others.
You will recognize his work immediately once you know it…
‘Hairy’ animals. In a very special water paint technique… Gorgeous work!
But our personal favourite is the book SOME LOGIC
which we also sold in our POP-Up in 2014.

With his new brand ‘WILDANIMALS’
Rop is experimenting with his paintings in new techniques and materials.
And the first result is a PANDA RUG! Not just a rug…
‘THE PANDA RUG’…’THE’ PANDA! from Some Logic!
Handtufted in collaboration with Karen Zeedijk/TextielLab.

We’re still in a WOWWW!

Photography: WILDANIMALS
Price upon request


This cool ‘7-year-old’ will wake you up!

0612 09181301We follow this cool UK family for quite some time now.
Recently they’ve moved to California for the career of dad,
Artist/Director FILFURY.

And they’ve just launched their stunning new work, a music video,
called ‘Waking up, the remix’.
Starring their oldest son, Bow, 7 years old.
Again,  he’s a rising star…

Watch this, it is BEYOND COOL!

Very curious about the way they’ve created this.
Can we please have a behind-the-scenes?

You can also see this rising star in the previous music video
of MJ Cole, waking up..

So, at the start of this new school year
and getting back in our daily routine (it will take a while),
maybe you need to watch this sometimes…
To wake everybody up in the morning!

It worked for us…

Director: FILFURY
Star: Bow

A big thanks to MAMAFURY
for being so inspiring!

Forever cool!

The legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat has all the room to shine here…
Last friday the Basquiat x Bellerose collection was launched.
A tee collection for grown-ups and kids from the Belgian brand Bellerose.

The archetypisch tee is enough for Bellerose, which we find very loveable…
No brand-ego…! Karmapoints!
The work of the artist is enough.

All you see is the artwork. A raw portrait.
We have a big preference for this white tee version.
Like a white canvas with art. Let’s stay with the artist.
No distractions.

The fun part is that my creative youngest son said,
“what an odd drawing”, hahaha!
He loves to draw himself, so beforehand I thought,
he would at least have sympathy for this artwork.
But he was very outspoken about this one.

Obviously he’s not familiar with the work of this famous artist from NYC.
But I love the sincerity of kids. They drop their primary opinion instantly.

So back at ‘my point of view’ again;
which is… ‘the believe that we looooove our kids
to wear stuff we want to wear ourselves.’
We don’t want to admit, but isn’t that all driving us?
Secretly shopping a mini version…? What do you think?

Have a lovely Monday y’all!

Images: Bellerose

Brilliance no.7

tch_sami_parkkinenFrom the series Father & Son 2014,
a portrait of Arvi,
by Finnish photographer and artist

It’s so brilliant in pureness. His glance… is it dreamy?
What did this boy thought at the moment of this photoshoot?
We will never find out and it doesn’t really matter,
but it makes that great way of looking…
His blue eyes which has a great color-reference with the t-shirt.
Is the tee dad’s, like the beautiful woolen coat?
Questions popping into our minds.

All with the beautiful light it makes such an interesting pure portrait.
The colors makes it masculine, but it is also fragile and soft.
The proportions. The little boy with the big coat… Absolutely amazing!
This portrait keeps you busy. That’s why we think it’s brilliant!

Credits: Sami Parkkinen

Brilliance no.6

Kids Flowershooting

This brilliant portrait of Alwin
is created by the Berlin-based HENRIETTE BANDULIK
(what a talent!)
for the always inspiring La Petite Mag.

It looks so minimalistic and therefore simple, but it’s not!
Brilliant in every way!
With a lot of attention in every detail
from the whole creative team.

Like painting…

First of all the model Alwin,
his gorgeous color of hair,
the hair-do, the wreckles (we looovvveeee that!).
The tone of his skin…
The crystal clear white shirt,
the flowers in his pocket (LOVE!),
beautiful thoughtful colors.
The way he is posing. The way he looks.
What is he thinking?
Vulnerable and yet strong!

And then the creative team… you’ve nailed it!
It’s the combination of a team
which makes their work just good or absolutely brilliant.

It’s a portrait, but it feels like a STILL.
Beauty and silence in one. It deserves to be in an art gallery.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

Photography: Henriette Bandulik
Styling: Mareen Bayer @Jen Hahn
Hair & Make up: Franziska Dominick
Model: Alwin through Lichtkind, Berlin
for La Petite Magazine

p.s. This image is one of a series not published yet.
We’re so curious! Soon the new issue of La Petite Mag!


A BIG WANNAHAVE! Just to look at…
Although the idea is for the bathroom
or somewhere with water…
We will never leave the bathtub again…

Floating bath toys, inspired by Cotto’s Pætchwork collection.
Sponges and pumice stones shaped like building blocks
can form a playful atmosphere in the bathroom.
Create an imaginary world in and around the water
and play around with these colorful blocks to build a floating waterscape!

Don’t get too excited yet…
Actually this is a prototype
from the Amsterdam based
designstudio ‘De Intuïtiefabriek’.
It’s an all female designstudio finding common ground
in their intuitive way of working
and their use of materials and techniques.

That’s what we love about this design
and their way of working…
It doesn’t look ‘girly’ at all, whatever that means…
It has such fine and refined details
which comes with a tremendous focus we guess.
And their unique signature, obviously.

Waterscape is developed for the exhibition
Cotto Another Perspective, Salone del Mobile 2016.

As at the moment Waterscape is still a prototype,
they are looking for ways to develop it into a commercial product.
Any suggestion feel free to contact them at:

We would be very grateful
if we can actually stay in the bathtub
for quite some time…, in the near future ; )

Photography: Ruud Peijnenburg

Happy new ‘long ears’ museum!


NIJNTJE [in dutch], MIFFY [in english]
is the worldwide well known character of
world famous artist Dick Bruna (1927).
Originally created in 1955, when entertaining his son,
by drawing some characters…

We think all generations
are very familiar with her at some point.

Last year the brilliant work of Dick Bruna was curated
to be in the permanent collection of the Rijksmuseum.
And before that, there was the Dick Bruna
Home in Central Museum Utrecht.

Awesomeness to the max we think…
It’s getting better!

From tomorrow on, there will be the

A place where toddlers and pre-schoolers
can experience the Miffy world,
and use their own imagination…
to play, crawl, explore, sniff, dance,
experience, create and have fun.
Like Dick Bruna’s philosophy.

Find out about his brilliant icon, Miffy!
… at this ‘brand new museum’.

So very worth to pay a visit!
If you love the long ‘archetype’ ears…,
obviously ; )




TCH_Wintersalon_1With the upcoming celebrations and holidays,
it’s the perfect time
to treat yourself very well
(after a year of very hard working)…

This stunning piece of art
from Dutch artist Gino Bud Hoiting.
A beautiful #wannahave for our BOYS-CRIB.

So if you live in Amsterdam or will hang around there soon,
we have the best tip for you!
Here you will find the ‘awesomeness’,
which will give your home ‘character’ for sure!

Curator, stylist and art director Julien Rademaker,
famous from ‘Gevonden op Marktplaats’,

campagnebeeld-WintersalonA temporary store/gallery
with a jealous-making-collection of vintage furniture,
(contemporary) art and big wannahaves.
All very unique.
Located in a wonderful 500 M2 spacious environment,
at the Amsterdam Eastern Harbour District.

The store will be open until the end of January, 2016
KNSM-laan 301 / Amsterdam


Piece of art: Gino Bud Hoiting / untitled
Curated by: The Best Of Marktplaats by JulesDavid
Photography campaign: Dim Balsem

p.s Pssst…,
still available,
because we still have to save some coins.
But soooo inspiring anyway…
For sure we’ve added a new artist to our wishlist.

Master of Photography!




Only 24hrs left,
to get the opportunity of a lifetime…
WITH THIS 5 year old MASTER …
And on top of that
some delicicious ICECREAM
( love it!!!!, it must be his idea )
all in wonderful SEATTLE

there’s a quite celebrated talented National Geographic photographer,
who will take his 4 year old son on a roadtrip through the desert to enjoy
a father & son get-together…
But it happened to be a lifechanging experience…

The dad, Aaron Huey,
was looking for something to do for fun,
while travelling…
Something they would both enjoy…
Along the way
they’ve bought 4 year old Hawkeye
an instant Fuji camera.
Well glad they did…

We looovvveeeeee it!!!!!
Little Hawkeye stole our heart.
As a photographer and mom of a 4 year old myself,
I would dream about something like this to happen.

The images…

Analog will always bring something surprising,
something we can’t control.
The angle from where he photographs the subject is so refreshing!
So natural and logical, but yet never ever done like this before.

Well, the rest is history.
There will almost be
and you can help!
(big wannahave!)


Just 24 hrs left to support this project!

But we know for sure, this is the start of a wonderful career of a cool boy.
Not only because of his amazing photography,
but for for sure of being a cool, nice, intelligent, lovely boy.
Thanks to his lovely cool parents! You rock!


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