Two generations of coolness…

These two gentlemen have a lot in common.
They’re funny, love acting silly and laugh a lot.
So I asked my dad, grandpa, to feature in this photoshoot.
He agreed and we’re happy he did.
We laughed so much…, it was hilarious.
These men are my favourite models, because they don’t care about the way they look on camera.

So, perfect to use for the fantastic, funny and contemporary items of PHOTO BOOTH!
Designed by happy design brand DOIY.
Gadgets on a stick. You will have great fun with it, like we did. Making crazy pictures.

This one is our favourite!



photography: waikikilab

Easy peasy easter costume!

 Just a quick note to show you this cool post from the most creative family, the DOS FAMILY, posted last year.
Great ideas will stay forever.
It will help you to make an ‘easy peasy easter costume’, very last minute!
Perfect for chaotic mums like me…

It’s brilliant and just for the coolest boys on the planet. Check the link for more details. Many thanks to cool Malte and his creative mum!



photography: dos family


Cool tights… for boys only!

Hallelujaaaaah! Finally an incredibly cool brand with ‘tights for boys’!

Last month we’ve got a few comments on our cool little fella in tights.
They thought it was cute, but they’d never seen a boy in tights at daycare before…
We thought it was a bit hilarious…
I mean… boys (and hero’s like Robin Hood) are wearing tights since the Middle Ages.

So now with this creative, London based, brand Little Titans – with funny and cool tights for boys -,
it’s time to wear tights the whole year (except when it’s too warm ofcourse) and every day!

There are the SUPERHERO & SOCCER tights, which are cooler then cool
and the cutest STRIPES with COLORBLOCKING, which are very very stylish!
Made of the best quality of cotton, antislip and OEKO-TEX certified.

We want to buy them all and then will enjoy it for at least another year.
Because the size will only go to up to 3.
Which is cool, because then it’s time for another phase in the lives of the cool little dudes.





Our little cool man in his basic blue tights…


photography: little titans / waikikilab

Ultimate Spring vibe!

Today is the official start of Spring 2013! Not that we notice any of that here in Amsterdam. It’s freezing cold outside.
So we have to get inspiration from something else…

This cool picture of Dutch young Skateboarder, Daan van der Linden,
made by cool Tagsters Magazine,
made us think of an ‘Ultimate Spring Day’.
It’s from last year at the Amsterdam Marnix Bowl.

Enjoying the bowl ride, wearing VANS,  riding his Spitfire wheels and just being incredibly cool!!!!
… without being aware of that we guess, because he looks very humble.
At the moment, just being 16, he’s the biggest talent of our country! Competing in a lot of international competitions already…

Thanks for inspiring our day today Daan!
… and Eddie Think for capturing this…


Photography: Eddie Think / Tagsters Magazine

Stop! … Hoodie time!

Tee’s, sweaters and hoodies, are the archetypes of tops for boys. There’s not so much space to design in crazy weird forms of clothing. It won’t be a big hit.
The popularity or coolness for boys gear is more hidden in the print or fabric.
And sometimes it’s just the style. Which will be enough.

American Apparel is really good at that. Just being stylish, without all the crazyness.
Being basic and very stylish at the same time.
Thanks to the color, the contrast zipper or another fine detail.
For a long time they were only selling clothes for kids from 0-6.
Nowadays, lucky for us, they also design for kids from 8-12

So we’re big fans, although we have to be honest too. The quality could get a bit more attention.
But for now we take that for granted. We’re just mad about their kids collection.

TCH_hoodiePhotography: waikikilab

Planet lollipops

Since we’ve found out about the cool screwdriver lollipops, we’re sort of focused on cool candy! So suddenly we bumped into these inventive versions of the so called ‘ball style lollipops’.
The ORIGINAL! planet  lollipops by Vintage Confections

Almost too beautiful to eat!
One of the lollipops who belong in the museum of lollipop art…


DONE by John John Florence

As surf-likers-lovers we already knew about the Florence brothers. Three brothers, John John, Nathan and Ivan, who were born and raised at Hawaiian Banzai PipelineGrowing up with skateboarding and surfing because of their cool mum Alexandra, who’s a wonderful ‘boarder’ herself. Now John John, 20 years old, is one of the best surfers on the planet and competing in the most well-known contests in the world.

And now there’s his own movie… directed by Blake Vincent Kueny and himself. Yesterday we bought it and it’s incredibly cool. John John is a surfer who’s riding waves like he’s skateboarding in a concrete bowl. Looking very confident. Even in the biggest craziest waves. Doing breathtaking air’s.
Having fun with a group of friends & family. Beautiful stills in between. You can even see his mum on a longboard in the end. Also shots on 16mm and Super 8, which is amazingly beautiful. 23 minutes of  ooh’s and aah’s.
My oldest son was watching it with me and I just heard WOWWWWWW (by him and myself, haha!).

You can buy it at I-tunes. It’s really worth too watch. But ofcourse you can see for yourself first in DONE trailer 1  and DONE trailer 2.

We’ll bet you will buy it! Enjoy big time!



Homie Dombo!

It’s freezing here in Amsterdam and we’re flabberguested about it. It’s almost halfway March. So instead of sitting in the sun enjoying the start of spring, we’re kind of stocked inside the house.
So we thought let’s make things happy and warm.

Luckily there’s our friend the Domoor-cup a.k.a. Dombo. He’s like a homie, hanging around with us. We know him for quite some time right now. Making us happy. Drinking hot cocoa today! Hoping he will never leave, haha!

Thanks to cool dutch designer, Richard Hutten, we’re living with this
very cool [ he’s making us smile ] Dombo!


Best surf-mag-cover ever!

Do we need to say more? Through Pinterest we’ve found out about this cover of  TransWorld SURF magazine ‘the travel issue’, launched last summer. A brilliant shot by, Bali based, Australian surf photographer Brad Masters.

This cool boy represents the feeling of surfing. The first moment you’re catching a wave! The feeling is awesome, fun and makes you totally happy. And you never want to get out of the water again. That’s what we’ve experienced ourselves and that’s what the photographer has perfectly captured and what this boy is showing us… The emotion. Really brilliant! A picture and cover we would love to have in our Amsterdam ‘aloha’ home, big time!


Photography: Brad Masters

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