#wannahave no.1

331604-f5d1f3e195a84bf8acf50702588e5a94331604-7190c496529e447bb7b21b57b8b397dd-510x600This PANDA POSTER of artist & illustrator
is one on top of our wishlist!
Because in a way you just see forms,
which makes a face.
But in detail it’s sooooooo good!!!!
Minimalistic and yet not detached at all!

And then the colours!
We have a big preference for
the ‘powderpink’ in our boys home.
Maybe because I need
a little bit of girlyness somewhere.
So this would be a thoughtful
pink detail in the house.
Absolutely gorgeous!
Big wannahave!

You can go to the artist’s website
HANNA KONOLA, but sold out already…
Or go to the store of my COOL friends
(online or offline)
and be as fast as you can.

You really want this!

Credits: Hanna Konola

denim dude & cool hat

look-24Stella McCartney Kids is doing it again…

Denim from her kidscollection AW16
is a big wannahave, yes a #wannahave!
Sounds greedy and suddenly we become greedy…
#not #us #but #have #a #closer #look #at #it…
#youwillunderstand ; )

Badges and denim together makes it instantly COOL!
Her brand is great with badges…
(We’re still enjoying the sweater with the smilies from SS15).
And then the metal zipper. Reminds me of my youth.

Denim is forever…!
You can sell it afterwards or make someone else happy with it.
Wearing it in a whole different way…
And it gets even better and therefore more beautiful with time.
Better for the world, eco-friendly, so everybody’s happy!

Have a lovely denim day!

Image: Stella McCartney Kids

P.s More DENIM DUDES or cool.HEAD.s

Brilliance no.7

tch_sami_parkkinenFrom the series Father & Son 2014,
a portrait of Arvi,
by Finnish photographer and artist

It’s so brilliant in pureness. His glance… is it dreamy?
What did this boy thought at the moment of this photoshoot?
We will never find out and it doesn’t really matter,
but it makes that great way of looking…
His blue eyes which has a great color-reference with the t-shirt.
Is the tee dad’s, like the beautiful woolen coat?
Questions popping into our minds.

All with the beautiful light it makes such an interesting pure portrait.
The colors makes it masculine, but it is also fragile and soft.
The proportions. The little boy with the big coat… Absolutely amazing!
This portrait keeps you busy. That’s why we think it’s brilliant!

Credits: Sami Parkkinen

Little Royals…

16bc4bf1b5d54f7f02e937cc8f9650369e7a2a197e8e9bdbd84798f1a85f302b20683e4fa73c74b40cb5a2c803bcf74ae92eb022195af851126750cae0c5db13ffe92b9909fd21dd4d109f463c794b03copyright-fideli-sundqvist-via-stylejuicer11On July 22nd, 2013, Prince George of Cambridge was born…
The United Kingdom was celebrating,
as all the Royal fanbase around the globe.
From that time on we’ve created a moodboard
to inspire The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,
to shop for their contemporary little prince.

Today, 3rd tuesday of September,
it’s the opening-day of our Dutch parliament.
We call it ‘Prinsjesdag’ (something like the day of the Princes).
Everybody is trying to look at their best,
with beautiful hats and dresses (and boring suits),
but unfortunately a lot of the ministers
and employees of the Parliamant fail big time!
Our Queen Maxima does always look stunning though.
And no kids are enjoying this party ofcourse…

But we would like to inspire you anyway today…
As it’s a bit of a Royal Day!
and ofcourse LITTLE ROYALS
to make your ‘petit prince’ look like a contemporary Royal,
at weddings, chique parties or just because you feel like it!

Bonne journée!

Credits: Shelly Mosman, Madame Chacha, Poppy Rose
Zara, Alex & Alexa, Fideli Sundqvist for Papier Mache.

Good vibes only… dream big!




The brilliant Dallas Clayton is an artist…
Not just one to frame in one category.
More detailed, he’s an author,
illustrator, public speaker,
mural painter, and adventure seeker.
Also a skateboarder, father of a son
and friend of the world.

One thing is for sure…
he’s spreading ‘the word’ in beautiful illustrations.
It can be for all different moods,
and it’s all from the heart
with very very very positive vibes.
Without being it way too sweet!

Mister Clayton is helping us through the day.
Good, bad, tough, something to do with love,
happiness, sadness, insecureness,
doubts, thoughts, feelings…
But all in the most positive ways to look towards it.
It can make a total difference… and change your mood instantly…

Anyway, it makes us happy and optimistic all the time.
So we feel he deserves a worldcup
for all the brilliant positive cool vibes he’s sharing!

Follow him… You will get daily FREE peptalks…


Credits: Dallas Clayton


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