Long live the king!

Today, it’s an historic day in the Netherlands… we’ve got ourselves a KING, after three generations of Queens.

King Willem Alexander!

We celebrate it today with our own two kings!
Waving to our real King and his beautiful Queen Maxima here in Amsterdam…
when we see them in a water pageant… close to our own castle…

Long live the king! Hooray hooray hooray!




photography: waikikilab

Little Monster!

Munsterkids is the brand we know for quite some time (Australia 2007, bought cool spider boardshorts)
and they’re really good at prints.
Combining fabrics and prints in a different way.
This is the perfect example for it! Especially for a cool little mister.
Classic stripes mixed with a colorpencil drawing. Looks even a bit hairy, haha! And really well colorful printed.
Very adorable coolness and yesssss… a big wannahave!


Shining like a star!

This cool boy Luka is dreaming of skateboarding, playing basketball and flying with a balloon,
everything a 12-year-old boy would dream about.
In real life this would never be possible…
He’s stuck to a wheelchair, because of muscular dystrophy…

Thanks to the creative mind of photographer & psychologist Matej Peljhan,
it was possible to become ‘Le Petit Prince’.
A beautiful collection of photographs of Luka, which is much more then just a collection of pictures.
We’re really touched by it!

The biography of the photographer tells us that he’s been through a lot himself.
At the age of 10 he became physically disabled.
He’d studied psychology and clinical psychology, which helps him in his daily work
with children with special needs.
For Matej there are no limits in his dealing with life or, better to say: only the sky is his limit!
So the way he looks towards the world today, makes him create these beautiful and touching images.

Rolling, flying and jumping for a day… captured forever!
A big heart from us to the photographer and ‘Le Petit Prince’ Luka!



Matej-Peljhan-1photography: matej peljhan

Wild and Sweet!

A true ‘must-have’… This book is one of our favorites ever… It’s really art!
The artist, Rop van Mierlo, used a very special technique with waterpaint…  which makes it looks so incredibly soft…  Like it’s puppy hair.
Really brilliant! You want the animals to become real.

So a ‘must-have’ for all contemporary families. And a great gift too! It’s 325 x 230 mm, hardcover, so you can display it easily.
You really want to… And Rop is also selling big (poster size) prints of each animal.
The kids will be wild about it!
Check his ‘planet’ for all the products.








Cool pinning!

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