kw-molo-ss21-36kw-molo-ss21-38Molo_Bucket_hat_Close_upBellerose_Bucket_hat_'21Before we are poured over by the sunbeams, let’s talk about this…

Last week, I already started writing this post, because the weather forecast
was having some good news after many rainy days…
So first I thought, let’s share a selection of these cool UV-protecters…


This former fisherman’s hat is an ideal one!
Do we need head protection on sunny days? Yes, I think we do.
As the radiant is becoming stronger and yet we want some flexibility,
while playing, …  this is the one.
But… as we live in Northern Europe,
where the weather can change quite some time
and especially mostly unexpectedly…
I was doubting. Is this really ‘the one’?
But suddenly it made some sense…

This is the best investment for three seasons a year;
I knew this ‘bucket’ already from my
and the awesome hiphop culture
(LL Cool J’s red iconic Kangol) at that time.
But many years later I suddenly see it with different eyes…

This is ‘the must-have of 2021’ and beyond.
From a fashionable, but more important sustainable perspective,
it is the best if you choose ‘archetypisch’ forms for the wardrobe wisely,
as it will last forever…

Some brands you should check out;
[they are in uni, tie dye, cameo and

reversible, so you have two-in-one]
Leo Leo Copenhagen
Hundred Pieces 
The Animals Observatory

Finger in the Nose

Have a wonderful lovely and relaxed
(sunny, rainy or windy) weekend!!! : )

 Molo / through Kid’s Wear Magazine

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