King of the groms 2013!

To all the cool surfer boys under 16…,

this is your chance to RISE & SHINE
and become the king of the groms 2013!
The idea is to upload a video of you rippin’ the waves before June 30th. The voting will be online, so 100% digital.
On August 1st the 15 winners will be announced who will compete in the International Final during the Quiksilver Pro France 2013!

Be as wild and creative as you can and make yourself stand out! Good luck!

Check the cool video or more Quiksilver events on Quiksilver live.




Very cool heads, by Jill Greenberg!

This morning was an exciting one for us. My oldest son was about to show his soccer skills at a talentday of  the legendary Dutch club Ajax. That why I’m kind of focused on soccer style today… I guess…

This great ad was released in 2008. Cool boys photographed in a cool, tough and yet very creative way. It’s all about the details.
Created by Grey Agency from San Francisco for International Children’s Games 2008.
Photographed by Jill Greenberg. Famous of her crying kids and Monkey Portraits. Incredibly cool. We loved that already, so it’s no surprise this one caught my eye today!

So no launches or previews, just things that you know will stay cool forever anyway!


Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 9.53.51 AM

Visit ARTSY to see all her amazing work together!

Bouroullec boys rock!

In 2012 these beautiful ‘rocks’ from the famous design brothers Bouroullec, Ronan and Erwan, were introduced in the collection of wonderful well-known design manufacturer VITRA.
The Corniches, are looking so beautiful and simple, but are yet sooooo inventive.

The idea arose from the need for small storage spaces to spontaneously keep items. Creating an impromptu storage in everyday life. There are three different shapes and the way you compose them makes it unique.

For us, the ideal way to make an exhibition at home with all our collected items…, new, secondhand/vintage, found at the streets, bought at fleamarkets or inherited. And change it easily every time you like.

These contemporary ‘rocks’ are forever!

And get the free the Corniches app too, it’s brilliant!


A ‘sneak preview’ modern fairytale by Noch Mini N.Y.C.!

In Paris I’ve met a wonderful ‘incredibly friendly’ designers couple from NYC with their brand Noch Mini. Designing beautiful contemporary organic childrens wear.
This FW13-collection feels like a modern fairytale to me…, in coloring, coolness and fabrics. At that time I couldn’t tell if it was for boys or girls. Which I think is brilliant and much more interesting for the modern parent.

The quality of the fabrics are so beautiful and rich. And the designs being 100% organic, makes it even better! Comfortable to wear for our kids, very stylish for the parents and really friendly for our planet, makes the brand getting more ‘coolheads-stars’.
The  color and print inspiration of this collection came from Egon Schiele’s ‘Houses with laundry’ painting. Which I think is such a modern piece of art, a cityscape, painted almost 100 years ago.
Triangular motif from roof shape was part of their graphic and quilt pattern.

The Cool Heads are really happy to found this cool brand, which surprised us, as I keep repeating over and over again. And the pictures of photographer Emily J. Anderson plus the coolest girl (yes! yes!) in the pictures in combination with the great designs of her mum and dad (yes! yes!) makes it for me ‘this perfect modern NYC fairytale’.

We keep you posted about this brand and when it’s available online. You have to wait a little while though… First enjoying summer… But it’s worth waiting for!
Check their Facebook-page, to see much more of this collection. There is a shirt from which I think will be a big hit and all the -stylish-cool-heads-boys- want…! ; )

Noch mini_FW13_high-res brochure-7.a

Noch mini_FW13_high-res brochure-1.a

Noch mini_FW13_high-res brochure-2photography: Emily J. Anderson

Sneak preview Loud Apparel AW 13

This time it’s really hard for me not to show the girls ‘sneak-preview AW 13’ too! Because it’s sooo stylish!
But I have to stick with the boys … : )

Very minimalistic at first sight. But it’s all in fine details. Boy oh boy… That’s why I like it so much. It’s more fashion in a Margiela and Comme Des Garcons way.
Monochrome colours, very strong minimal prints, geometrical details and LOUD APPAREL‘s signature leather pieces. Stylish and comfortable.

The best combination of  London’s creativity and Italian craftsmanship: Owner and designer Serena is Italian and living and designing in London. That must be the secret of this cool brand.

My oldest, mr. J., is already waiting for this cool sweatshirt – grey version with the graphic face -, in black!

p.s. Thanks to Serena’s cool son, who was sitting and waiting at Playtime …wearing this new collection, it caught my eye!






Layered coolness by mr. Haroshi

Made of old skateboards, this is ultimate recycling! These are really impressive artworks!

If you know how many layers a skateboard-deck has and realise that it’s not just a flat piece of wood and see these incredibly detailed sculptures… then you know how many hours/days/weeks/months he must work on  this.

Mr. Haroshi ‘s work is so pure and dedicated. His experience and almost crazy knowledge is necessary to make this kind of art. He’s able to differentiate from thousands of used decks… by lines, shapes, colors and every other detail… before being able to make a real piece of art, like the one we love most because we wear them, the Nike High Dunk.

We’re happily flabberguested! Thanks for this inspiring work mister Cool Haroshi!




The glasses are a nice example for applied design from Haroshi…6a283d2f7a6add779702f7e4d59f161d

Photos art:
taro hirano
Pictureman Studio

Portrait Haroshi:
Adam Wallacavage

framed by the cool heads

Copyright © All right reserved.

Denim day!

DENIM is definitely our favourite piece of clothing… You can match it with everything. You can make an outfit more casual or just a bit more edgy…

Every season there will always be new designs & styles. But personally I think that with denim for boys you should keep it simple.

It depends on the washing though. Is it soft or firm… I really don’t understand why some designers always put big pockets on the side or… and, that’s horrible, … they put zippers in the pockets. I mean why? It’s really uncomfortable to sit on. At least let it be comfortable, unless you want a total mini-me… uhm you…

Comfortable, simplicity in style and excellent fabrics are for me the most important. And yes you can buy that too @ H&M. A lot of times they have just that ‘one good piece of denim’. For boys, at the denim section, you can choose skinny, slim, slim generous or relaxed… They are really good at using different denim washings and fabrics through the seasons.

And let’s be honest…, with boys, the denim is destroyed in no-time. So I prefer affordable versions for playing outside and a good cut and style by a designer for special occassions.

On our holiday to Copenhagen/Vesterbro, last October, this is what we had in our suitcase… denim… and we bought some cool lollipops at Tivoli… the coolest funfair ever…!

p.s. denim shirts are the coolest, especially for a one year old, almost bursting out of this version. Did I talk about comfort?


photography: waikikilab

Tetris in wool!

In Paris I met Maya Bekto, one of the owners of Wool Fabrique. In ‘her shop’ at Playtime Paris, she was surrounded by all beautiful woolen products. All looked very firm but felt really natural. The TETRIS version carpet from real wool was the one we wanted to take home immediately! A real wannahave for mums and dads who’ve played this game over a thousand times, back in the days. And what I really like is that they’ve also made baskets out of these carpets… and cubes and bags. So really cool to store all the tons of toys in.

Besides that, it’s eco friendly which is a big plus for us! Made in Bosnia, where her sister  & co-owner is arranging the production. They continue the tradition of weaving which was always present in that region. With ecologic and organic farming they hope to contribute to smart growth and sustainable living in that country. I think they’re doing really well! Best of both worlds!





photography: Vincent Thibert

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