Tetris in wool!

In Paris I met Maya Bekto, one of the owners of Wool Fabrique. In ‘her shop’ at Playtime Paris, she was surrounded by all beautiful woolen products. All looked very firm but felt really natural. The TETRIS version carpet from real wool was the one we wanted to take home immediately! A real wannahave for mums and dads who’ve played this game over a thousand times, back in the days. And what I really like is that they’ve also made baskets out of these carpets… and cubes and bags. So really cool to store all the tons of toys in.

Besides that, it’s eco friendly which is a big plus for us! Made in Bosnia, where her sister  & co-owner is arranging the production. They continue the tradition of weaving which was always present in that region. With ecologic and organic farming they hope to contribute to smart growth and sustainable living in that country. I think they’re doing really well! Best of both worlds!





photography: Vincent Thibert


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