no.1: in between home and office



TCH_close_up_postcardsToday we start with a new category which is called
‘our home’.

Every week we will ad a view of a room,
a gadget, a still or images which will
give you a view of the way we

For some reason people would like to know…haha…
As we like to go to pinterest,
view cool cribs and styles
or buy magazines with
the beautiful interior editorials and get
very much inspired by others.

we will inspire you too
with ‘the house of two coolheads’
and their parents.



Quilted, triangles and clouds!

Noch mini_FW13_high-res brochure-7Noch mini_FW13_high-res brochure-1Just a quick note to say that our favourite
NOCH MINI’s AW13 collection is finally available!!!

This collection is very contemporary, stylish and sophisticated.
The fabrics are amazingly SOFT
because they only use the highest quality
of certified organic materials and low-impact dyes.
The quilted pullover is one of our favourites!
… well …
the triangled – pullover, pants, shirt + clouds pullover
are a few items we would like
in the wardrobe of ‘le petit prince’ too!

Check our preview here and definitely visit their webshop
if you’re keen on getting some unique items.

Photography: Emily J. Anderson

great grey summer!

Afbeelding 1

Black, White and Grey are colours for all seasons…
So let’s say SUMMER!

We’ve got inspired, by a lot of cool kids designers, but in particular LOUD APPAREL,
whose collection is always black, white, grey with an additional
cool outstanding color,
every season,
as a detail

which we really love!

Enjoy the inspiration for all seasons here

And have a GREAT sunny weekend!

Geometric & cool

Present & Correct , sounds like your high-school teacher taking notice of abscence…
But the thing is…,
It’s a cool online store from two graphic designers
who have a long-term obsession for stationary
which has culminated in a constantly evolving store.

The combination of ‘vintage treasures from the past’, ‘things they love’
from other designers around the world
and ‘their own designs’ makes this a very unique store!

They have a great eye for all of this, so you have to be fast
and have a look on this website every day to
get your stationary ‘pearl from the past’.
Otherwise it will be sold already.
Their own designs are very contemporary
and have beautiful combinations in colour and prints.

Monday will be the start of school again for our big boy,
so it’s time to get ourselfs some cool stuff to ‘shine’ in class.

Treasures, vintage, old skool and very new contemporary in one shop!




Hairy monster!


Hiiiii, sorry for the lack of posts lately…
We’re very busy celebrating our holiday!

Mr. Mumble, the Danish rabbit, took a lot of our attention.
He doesn’t look like a rabbit…
more like a hairy Gremlin…, a cat, a dog… a…. anyway…
we think pretty cool!

He ‘very much’ inspired us with all the hair… check it out boys!


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