Unique gangsters… very french!

Very stylish, comfortable, desirable unique and that made of a remarkable quality.  I saw it with my own eyes at Playtime (and that without glasses)… This brand is something our boys would love to wear. You will be so cool… , obviously, with the sunglasses. But yes I’m convinced that nowadays wearing eyeglasses is cool too. In this upcoming year they will also launch a junior version (10-14 years). So every kid between 3-14 will find their personal flavour to spice up their identity. Kids are lucky with the wide range they can choose from.

Visit Very French Gangsters to find out yourself and enjoy the cool pictures of Sophie Le Gendre too!



Photography: Sophie Le Gendre

Not another tattoo!

Playtime Paris appeared to be ‘a Candy store’. Meeting a lot of nice, little, independent brands, which we really like. One of them is Tattyoo from Switzerland. A happy, creative, funny and special brand. Specialized in one thing: TATTOOS! Luckily for us parents…, it’s not permanent!

They work with a lot of famous artists and illustrators, which makes the tattoos as contemporary as it can be. This version is from Notanotherbill saying ‘not another tattoo’, so funny!. Nice detail: they can even print your own design!

We’ve got a few (lucky lucky), so here’s the result! And if you order tattoos for your boys, get yourself a few too!



 Photography: waikikilab.com


Favourite place by luckyboysunday

 A big wowwwwwwww we’ve yelled, when we saw this beautiful stylish playhouse with this graphic coloured roof (we would love to have a sweater like that!). Actually we prefer the blue version, but this picture says it all. So we don’t care about the colour. We care about the vibe of this photograph, style and the big ‘wowwww’ factor of the product! Also from one of our favourites: luckyboysunday!


Cool Valentine!

 ‘Cool boys in love’ will score with this beautiful pop up pixel heart from Mini Eco. It’s a template you can download from their website. How kind that is. So be creative and impress!




Mr. Moustache baby mobile gold edition by jäll & tofta

This incredibly cool brand, called jäll & tofta is founded by a Berlin based designers couple who happen to be parents of two boys… Which makes us understand why we like every piece they sell. Next to the Mr. Moustache versions (two), there is also the Mr. Magic-edition. They deliver this in a beautiful designed package. So nice that you don’t want to unpack it, we guess. We don’t know which one to choose. So while we think about it, you can get a version you like for your child at: 

jäll & tofta





DIY Godzilla Tee from Mini Rodini

DIY tee’s are the best invented piece of clothing for us. Mini Rodini is making us very happy. They made this cool Godzilla Tee, which each kid can make very personal. It’s your  own ‘colour-writing’. How cool that is!

p.s. … with a Global Organic Textile Standard. That’s a big plus! Mini Rodini loves nature! And so do we!




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