DIY Godzilla Tee from Mini Rodini

DIY tee’s are the best invented piece of clothing for us. Mini Rodini is making us very happy. They made this cool Godzilla Tee, which each kid can make very personal. It’s your  own ‘colour-writing’. How cool that is!

p.s. … with a Global Organic Textile Standard. That’s a big plus! Mini Rodini loves nature! And so do we!




Mister Cool 1 and 2

These little gentlemen are the main reason to start this blog!

9 and 1 year old…

When the oldest was born in 2003, there was absolutely no big selection of shoes available. We were lucky to have a cool skateboard-dad in the house. Through a friend who’s got a nice skateboard-shop, we’ve got mini Vans. When he was two years old, he became a little skateboarder, so we got a bit of sponsoring in skateboarding shoes, like Vans and Etnies. Nowadays you have a wide range of cool shoes to choose from. How lucky, cool and nice!

The same was going on with clothes… The coolest brand we bought at that time was Unterten, from France. The owners/designers were designers for skateboard-brand Volcom before.  I really loved every piece of it! So I bought it online. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore. Mini Rodini is now a great successor for us! We would like to buy every cool piece. But have to save money first ; )

Friends around me started to ask about the boys’ styles and even sometimes total strangers, so I thought let’s share. I love that! As a professional photographer and creative director I’m really thinking ‘visual’. So most of the time you will get images instead of long stories, since I’m not a writer- journalist. But I think you wouldn’t mind ; )



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