The sun is shining, the weather is sweet
and we are happy
to enjoy a nice weekend
and are already
dancing on our feet!



If you need some inspiration
for your own party,
this weekend…
Here’s some HAPPY PARTY

p.s. with many thanks to cool Suussies,
for sending us this ‘shining’ bow-tie!


Some logic!



Rop van Mierlo Rules!

The Dutch Artist making impressive artworks
in a very special technique with waterpaint.
Incredibly beautiful!!!

His new book SOME LOGIC
was launched in Amsterdam a few weeks ago…
(how could we missed that? …)
It’s a follow up from his first book Wild Animals.
This book contains artworks of beautiful animals like
a giraffe, a bumblebee, a panda, a crocodile, a mandrill.

It maintains the same level of perfection.
Incredibly brilliant in colors and forms…
so very subtle… amazing!

Don’t miss this:
the making of SOME LOGIC

T4T by MUNSTERkids





t4t_mulgatee*Cool brand MUNSTERKIDS from Australia
is doing something we
very much…

Yes their tees for boys are always
amazingly cool.
And we are big tee & sweat fans,
so we’re kind of updated.

Munsterkids teams up with very creative
cool artists for this special project T4T.

An initiative that aims to help the kids in orphanages
throughout Vietnam and Cambodia.
Each season they commission their favourite artists
to do a series of artwork for Munster tees.
The proceeds from the sale of these tees are shared
with kids in Vietnam and Cambodia,
providing clothing, books and bikes.
Things we so much appreciated as kids
and probably took for granted…

Boys live everywhere around the globe.
Unfortunately not all  just in a prosperous environment.
Therefore it’s fantastic
that a cool brand like Munsterkids
is sharing in this particular way.

They lived with their 3 kids in Vietnam,
where they produce their designs.
So they feel so much connection with this country.
By doing this,
they teach their and our children and yes us …
a big life lesson.

Care for others and our world…
that’s cool!

and especially for their heartwarming project.
Because they really care, share and they do it in style…

p.s. Hunter is the coolest kid. He won their kids drawing competition.
And his design is really our favourite!
We guess because it’s open-minded! Like kids are…


Crazy hippos


This image made us laugh so loud,
so hopefully, you will too!

It happen to be a sewing pattern for DIY hippos.
Vintage 80’s on Etsy.

First we thought it was a contemporary ‘advertising-ish-thing’
in a newspaper or something.

So funny that we look
and immediately come to conclusions
while after having a better look…
there’s this very cool crazy surprise!
We love that!

It’s just, what we call it, old skool cool!
Very inspiring styles from the past.

Have a great HAPPY DAY!

through Knuffels a la Carte
from Suzy’s corner Boutique



For us, this image represents the coolest lifestyle for dudes.
It’s really our favourite one for quite some time…
What else do you need as a boy?
Contemporary cool
and the best exhibition of boards.

A print in our home of this would be awesome!

We would love to interview these boys,
to find out how they experience the SANTA CRUZ lifestyle.
Are they aware of their high-coolness-factor?

Well they’ve made it to the cover of
All with the images,
styles, designs and coolness
we adore the most for boys.

And ‘WE’
are a few brands/bloggers
(selected by us)
who will pin for you…
to keep you posted and updated.
All you have to do is to follow us.
+ more  inspiring black & white images…

Go do something with boards or stuff…

Photography: Gigi Goldeen for RECESS,
through cool holeshotagents.

* published on march 14th, 2014 *

Rad stuff…


Herschel Supply Rad Cars_4_low.1


Ok, we’re halfway March and we already need sunnies (whoop whoop)
but still are daydreaming about warm days on the beach…

These cool designs will take us a bit towards the Californian lifestyle
(and then we wake up in our sunny but freezing Amsterdam… big bummer, haha).

How cool is this…,  Herschell Supply aligned with Californian artist Kevin Butler…
Their ‘first everrrr’ partnership with an artist for their cool brand.
Archetypisch nostalgic designs of bags, backpacks and accessoiries
with great prints and color combinations.

With Kevin Butler’s well-loved series ‘RAD CARS with RAD SURFBOARDS on them’
they’ve created a unique limited edition capsule collection.
The idea of this series printed inside the bags is really cool…
Simple versus surprise. It’s all about the details!

The Californian vibe is, besides the RAD cars prints,
in the house… because of the cool accessories like
the surf-socks, a surfboard rack (a big wannahave for us!)
and the biggie beach towel with the ‘pretty much packed’-VW-bus.

Luckily we’re invited to the launch of this cool collaboration
Thanks to cool agent PUBLIC_
So tommorow we will take the famous THE-COOL-HEADS-BOYS .
to touch/hold and smell (haha) this limited editions
and we will report the true experience afterwards.
Hopefully we won’t be thrown out because of our little rascals.

For now we enjoy the ‘contemporary warm vibes’ around this collection
and say hi from Amsterdam!







Dress up boyssszzz and dazzle the girls!!!

24 My Little Dress Up SS14 - Oliver jacket Steel - Guy shirt Vanilla - Bow Tie - Donnie shorts Steel - 72 dpi

25 My Little Dress Up SS14 - Oliver jacket Steel - Guy shirt Vanilla - Bow Tie - 72 dpi

22 My Little Dress Up SS14 Wolf shirt Steel- Donnie short Vanila - 72 dpi

21 My Little Dress Up SS14 Wolff shirt Steel- Donnie short Vanila - 72 dpi

23 My Little Dress Up SS14 Oliver jacket Vanilla - Guy shirt Pistache - Doniie shorts Vanila - 72 dpi

20 My Little Dress Up SS14 Oliver jacket - Donnie shorts Vanilla - 72 dpi

Ok, here it is….
Our hero Mister Pharrell Williams. inspires us very much with his cool excellent styles.
He amazed us by doing something different at the Oscars.
By showing up in a tuxedo with
posh shorts.


Well it happen to be that two DUTCH designers (very nice cool ladies),
from our hometown Amsterdam,
designs cool toxedo’s & fancy styles for boys.
Really contemporary in beautiful fabrics…
With the allure of the early days…
And the perfect fit,
thanks to the experience of
real professional pattern makers…
The highest quality of garments…
and oh how much we love that!

So if you’re looking for fancy clothes for
(very) special occassions…
is the name of the game!

psssssttt… This SS14 collection is called:
look of LOVE…


Look at all the photography, it’s awesome!
Says it all… We really LOVE it!

p.s. check out the girls’s styles of this cool brand too…
dazzlingggggg vice versa… whoop whoop!
+ more bowties and classy styles

Photography: My Little Dress Up

Big pink bubbles…, is what we need!


Rainy days, back to school and bored?
BUBBLEGUM is the best thing to get your boys.

REAL GOOD GUM is the one we prefer,
because it’s organic and gluten free.
But they need some crowdfunding help before they can sell it to us.
We love the package already!

Hopefully it will be on the market soon,
so we can chew BIG (organic) BUBBLES
and have GREAT FUN!

And isn’t this the coolest picture of cool boys everrrrrr?
Thank you Mister Depardon!
Check out THE COOLEST EVERRRRR for more cool-dudes-ness.

Amazing photograph:
Raymond Depardon, Glasgow 1980

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