Big bear, little bear


This amazing picture of Hungarian photographer Tamas Dezso
caught our eye this morning
(Thanks GUP Magazine).
First we thought it was a costume… in a way it is.., but this seems to be real.

It is Ciprian, the Bear Dancer.
Tamas photographed this beautiful image, FOR US POETRY, this year.
Amazing light and a strange scenery. You have to look twice,
before you even understand the image.

This is one of the amazing photographs he took for his ongoing project
It portrays the transformation from the region’s hardest dictatorship,
Romania, into a more modern world.

From citizens in tiny little villages, with all their traditions,
who struggle with this fast ‘modern’ change…
All urged on by modernisation.

To all the gigantic concrete buildings, as a left over from their history…
who need to be pulled down step by step, piece by piece.
In the manner of termites…

The whole series of these photographs
is absolutely stunning.
Which feels strange because the subject is
pretty sad so how can we be so excited about an image.
He hit the right chord so very well.

We love the little bear forever!


The Fresh Prince jr.


Great picture of 15 year old Jaden Smith, the son of funny, crazy, cool mr. W. Smith…
aka the Fresh Prince.
The TV-magnet  of the nineties.

Strong genes, a great bunch of coolness,
shining photography and excellent styling ,
for Wonderland Magazine
makes him the perfect Fresh Prince 2013.

Besides his wonderful acting, Jaden seems very funny and cool,
next to his ‘shining dad’.
Check the great episode of the Graham Norton Show this year.
Our ultimate favourite!
Especially where this picture comes together in this moment.
more ‘cool boys’ photography in black & white here.

Photography: Rory van Millingen
Styling: Andrew Davis

10 is the magic number!



Mr. Coolhead…
He’s the cool boy who doesn’t mind to be photographed by me, his mom.
Yesterday it was his 10th B-day!
What an amazing experience to see a little dependent boy
into a more or less independent boy.

Yes yes, we’re a bit emotional about it,
but love the new phase
he and we
will be in…

Today, 5 minutes before his lunchbreak finished,
I asked him if I could take a picture of him…
This was shot in less then two minutes…
Luckily for him (and me!) he rides a skateboard,
so he was still right on time.

Wearing his new American Apparel gear,
the American tee
including two new wristbands (adding his collection)
the H&M dark denim skinny
his Nike SB’s,
his New Era snapback from NYC
+ his skateboard
a big gift from dad…
The vintage deck is officially
from the famous Finnish vert-rider
Jussi Korhonen
We named our son after him…
The trucks, wheels etc. are additionally new.

10 years old and suddenly
a teenager!


No.3: Monkies & Wood @ mr. Jules





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Mini Rodini ‘wowww’ home


What a nice big surprise and great news!
Mini Rodini is launching their brand new
Famous for their great prints and fabrics.

Now we will enjoy their cool prints on our bed
and dream under these beautiful designs.
All is 100% organic, non-toxic, certified with
the world leading GOTS and Fair Trade standards.
Which is not only great for the environment
but also healthier and saver.

We can’t wait… counting the days until next month…
Check also their cool AW13 collection here.
And get more ‘wow’s’…
It’s always fun, incredibly cool and very inspiring!
Every season a new wow-effect!






mr. photobooth

What a cool boy he is…
and totally contemporary!
The photo is from mid 70’s, really!
How amazing is that!
Look at his hair and cool jacket!
This could be 2013, shot in vintage
photography style.

Thanks to Australian
Katherine Anne Griffiths
with her
cool Photo(booth) blog,
called Photobooth Journal.

You have to check it,
if you love photobooths
like we do!

p.s. also check it on our Pinboard

magical milk!


We have to mention this…
The fifth edition of this cool!!! Milk Decoration.
An amazing cover! Today in stores.

was founded by Isis-Colombe Combréas.
and first published already ten years ago!
(We’re big fans from the start).
With great kids photography and productions.
Something we never saw before.
Isis is a ‘magical duo’
with photographer and art director Karel Balas.
(We love their photoshoots!)
They are MILK!

 Milk Déco was the first interior familymember of Milk Magazine. It showed
the ‘sneak peak’s’ of family homes…, published in Milk magazine before.
That was about six years ago (2007)

The first issue of Milk Decoration was launched in September last year.
Which really became an amazing interior magazine for contemporary families.
I saw a few productions in one Elle Decoration/Pays-Bas
which were printed in MILK Decoration before.
That definitely shows that they’re pioneers.

All is written in French, but they have a few texts
translated in English.
But it doesn’t matter…
You only need to know where to buy it.
Don’t have to speak French for that!

ENJOY a great sunny weekend…
with MILK Decoration 5 on your lap!

is a


Big bubble in the air!


What a great and AMAZING design from Dutch designer Alex de Witte!
It feels like a dream come true for kids, and the kid in us…
A permanent bubble in your home.

Every ‘bubble light’ is from blown glass
and every piece is shaped different.
Unique because of their shape and size.
Sizes are between 85 and 115 cm long.

We think it’s not for sale yet,
but contact the designer for more information.
And check also Workshop of Wonders.
They’ve showed his design for the first time.
It received the Design District best product prize
when it was first introduced
a week after they’d hung up his first pieces.



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