Mr. Toucan is dancing!



Every collection, French designer Delphine Miquel,
Yes, we fell in love again!
Her amazingly beautiful brand ANATOLOGY
is graphically very contemporary,
fun (don’t take it all too serious) and still very very sophisticated.

We sell her brand too, so we know the way it’s been produced.
The way the fabrics feel…
So beautifully. A great sense for detail.

The colors in her new collection TOUCAN
are stunning again!
Blue (with a touch of black), Terracotta, softpink,
red, green ( the cool versions)
and the wonderful black.

She also added new items,
like cushions, cases, kid duvet covers
and the most surprising
a big wanna-have LAMP.

So stay tuned to make sure
you will get one of these items
because we know for sure this will be
sold out in a sec.


Photography: Anatology

Morninggggg… Class has started!

TCH_ABC_mausbirdHi, hello there…, good morningggg…

Class has started with these NEW cool alphabet-cards
from Rotterdam-based fun, graphically very strong
and just amazingly talented brand, Mausbird.

The whole year,  stylish designer and owner, Mietze,
is coming up with new idea’s.
You know she’s doing the opposite
of what everybody is doing…
The first time I’ve met her,
she already had designed
the triangle ‘graphics’ coolness.

She’s very inspiring!
So that’s why she was the first to visit
at the HTNK-area at the Kleine Fabriek last monday…

You know you will go home, happily inspired.
And the good thing is,
we will go and work together
on something really nice…

So follow us, to make sure won’t miss a thing! ; )



‘crab’ the coolest!

TCH_krabwantjes.1*TCH_krabwantjes*TCH_krabwantjes.2*Last monday I’ve just paid a very quick visit
to the Dutch Kidsfair Kleine Fabriek.
Very glad I did! ; )

So with very little time,
I immediately “ran” to ‘the center-court’.
The HTNK-area, where you’re sure
you can meet all the cool
small independent brands.
“The inspiring-area” ; )

Well, besides lovely other brands,
which I will write about asap,
we found out about Swearhouse.
The brand of a lovely,
Rotterdam based, designers-couple
with beautiful (eco) baby-gear.
Very graphic, but in a sophisticated way.
Very contemporary cool. Lovely colors!
Beautiful (eco) fabrics.

And we immediately fell in love with
called “krabwantjes” (so funny in Dutch).
Translated in English to “scratch mitts”,
which basically says what it is.
But if you speak Dutch, you know it’s pretty brilliant!

Next month we will sell this great design too,
in our own shop!
And if you’re in a big hurry,
you can go and visit the designer’s shop…,
to get you a pair.
And make sure you get the coolest gift
for friends and family with a newborn
or toddler.



Fashion Revolution!

TCH_inspiration_3*Today, the Amsterdam Fashionweek
“Zalando presents 10 days downtown”
will kick off…
Which will make our city a bit more frivolous
and incredibly stylish, as fashionweek always does.

Our friends from CP113,
a cool conceptstore in the center/east-side of Amsterdam
were asked, for the second year in a row,
to organize a bazaar with concept-stores.
Fashionweek NL, DAY 2.
A POP UP edition for one day at the cool Volkshotel.

Well they’ve asked us to join in. Yahoooo!!!

Tomorrow, Saturday January 17th,
between 12:00-19:00 hrs,
we will join the grown-up fashionworld…
With our collection of cool brands and must-haves.
Unfortunately we don’t think the clothes will fit them… haha…
But hopefully they get incredibly inspired!

So, stylish parents…, you can bring your kids,
well… that’s our idea ; )
Enough space, although we’re not sure if the
rest of the contributors are happy with a playground ; )
There will be so much beautiful stylish wannahaves to look at.
So we assume you would loooovvveeee to have
a ‘me, myself and I’-moment, hahahaha!

Anyway… you’re all, very much, invited and veryyyy welcome!
Love to see you and bring your friends… ; )





TCH_marble_Balloons_3Just a little note to let you know
these cool, marble, black & white balloons
are finally available in our store!

They will last forever…
as long as you fill them with air,
and keep them away from pins and a cactus.

Your party will look
as it never did before!
And you can enjoy it for a long long time,
only if you make sure no-one will take it home ; )

Photography: thecoolheads-on-IG


TCH_Ella_Cohen_coolness*A few days before New Year’s eve we saw
a magnificent illustration of Ella Cohen,
aka Ellakookoo (brilliant name!)

“The man who knew everything”
A limited edition of 25.

A ‘Jack-of-all-trades’-dad…
In bright contemporary colors.
Busy being a dad, baking a cake…, skateboarding
on his cool loafers… hahahaha…

If you’re lucky there are still a few prints left.
Very much a must-have!
Just check Ella’s blog asap, to make sure
you will be the lucky one to have 1 of the 25
in your home.

And you see, …
it’s very handy to be connected to
the cool editor-in-chief of Eight Magazine
and curator of The Jaunt
Jeroen Smeets.
So you get to be updated
in contemporary art and illustration.
Thanks man!

Photo: Ellakookoo

Little Lions…




TCH_lion_of_leisure_bag TCH_lion_of_leisure_baby.5

TCH_lion_of_leisure_baby.2LION OF LEISURE…,
the cool kidsbrand from Antwerp,
asked us again to do their photoshoot…
This time for the BABY-collection.

We loooooooooveddddddddd it!
You have to know, we’re always in the middle of
3 and 11 year old dudes.
And to be honest,
with cute little babies
we always become incredibly soft.
Yelling…. “ssssssooooo cuteeeeeee”…
“too adorable”… and
(I couldn’t found a similar translation for
our Dutch sentence:) “om op te eten”.

These adorable little tiny mini’s were shining
in front of my camera, doing a wonderful job.
They are only 8, 15 and 18 months old.
Can you believe it? Little heroes!

This collection is considered non-seasonal. Which we love!
A few times a year Lion of Leisure comes up
with a new print and an additional humorous text.
Every tee is handprinted carefully and lovingly.

At the shoot we saw a few
new very cool illustrations already.
We assume they will present that
at Playtime Paris at the end of this month.

Their baby collection is in soft grey,
soft blue, beautiful red and off-white.
Always with the cool , already well-known,
detailed, whimsical illustrations of animals.
With funny graphics like: “wait for me” (elephant),
“today could be a bit wobbly” (giraffe),
“show me the milk” (lamb),
“I can fly” (pinguin), “crack!” (Chimp).
The combination of image and text makes it hilarious.
In 3 sizes from 6-18 months.

Lion of Leisure is always delivering these
cool tees in the re-usable 100% pure cotton bag.
A lovely gift from the designers.

We think this is one of the must-haves-gifts
for birth or B-days ,
which will always
put a smile on someone’s face.

Check it out here,
But we will keep you posted anyway!


2015 the coolest!


Hiiiiii cool YOU…,

we wish you a wonderful, strong,
inspiring, sparkling, incredibly healthy,
HAPPY 2015!!!!

Feet on the ground and for sure sometimes heads in the air!
Please be yourself… we LOVE that!

And a big thank you for all the support
and the lovely and inspiring comments.

It will be a wonderful year…
we saw a lot of new,
dazzling collections
from all the creative designers…
wannahaves… wannahaves…
You will definitely be HAPPY
with the crispy fresh SS15!

xxx + high-five

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