TCH_Ella_Cohen_coolness*A few days before New Year’s eve we saw
a magnificent illustration of Ella Cohen,
aka Ellakookoo (brilliant name!)

“The man who knew everything”
A limited edition of 25.

A ‘Jack-of-all-trades’-dad…
In bright contemporary colors.
Busy being a dad, baking a cake…, skateboarding
on his cool loafers… hahahaha…

If you’re lucky there are still a few prints left.
Very much a must-have!
Just check Ella’s blog asap, to make sure
you will be the lucky one to have 1 of the 25
in your home.

And you see, …
it’s very handy to be connected to
the cool editor-in-chief of Eight Magazine
and curator of The Jaunt
Jeroen Smeets.
So you get to be updated
in contemporary art and illustration.
Thanks man!

Photo: Ellakookoo

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