Fila x Mini Rodini

Easter shizzle

A mix of cool, my Swedish take on Italian sporty, rabbits of course and the love for the 70s style of the tennis legend Björn Borg

Cassandra – Founder Mini Rodini

We don’t need to say much, only showing you that Mini Rodini is the one to keep an eye on, ever since their start in 2006. So (mindblowing) inspiring! Almost every collection is a wannahave, depending on your personal taste. Always consistent in a ‘quality and sustainable’ way. Always fun, quirky and playful. There is no brand that is so surprising in prints, every collection, thanks to the founder being the illustrator herself. Kids really want to wear this. Personally we are still in an AWE over our cheese/mouse puffer jacket we bought in 2014. Wished we kept it, just to look at. Although that’s not sustainable hey… We kept one item though, it’s the printed safari jacket from 2012, as our gem.

I will keep following them, even though I can’t buy the gear for my kids anymore. They are grown out of the size and are not keen of wearing it at the start of their teenage stage of life. Mini Rodini is a steady brand with designs people still want after years, so now and then they come up with a new version of former favourite designs. And the best part of it all is that you can sell the clothes your kid is growing out of easily. They keep their value. Best of both worlds, sustainable and contemporary cool.
Check their vision towards their impact here.

This collaboration is a Swedish Mini Rodini take on the heritage of FILA and the sporty Italian style.

“FILA is such a classic brand to me. I’m thinking Björn Borg, Wes Anderson and 90s Chloë Sevigny. That’s the feeling I wanted to transfer to the collection. A mix of cool, my Swedish take on Italian sporty, rabbits of course and the love for the 70s style of the tennis legend Björn Borg”, says Cassandra, Founder and Creative Director of Mini Rodini.

We love her creativity and hope they will stay forever as a brand.

Have a HAPPY EASTER and more fun days wearing this!

Tie dye to die for…


And suddenly there’s a new capsule!

A colour palette which is a true Repose AMS one!
Root brunette, Dark night blue and Violet orchid.
Totally awesome descriptions, haha!

In 100% GOTS organic cotton. Beautiful quality…
Personally checked in the shop! : )

This awesome TIE DYE TO DIE FOR!
is a real wanna have…
Just sayin’!

Collection: Repose AMS
Photography: Ania Onopiuk
Hair/Makeup: Bianca Fabrie

Everything / just be YOU!

Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything3756DSC_2053Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything2133Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything3733Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything3410Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything4112Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything3865Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything3857Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything4401Repose AMS Brandshoot images AW21 Everything3486Repose_AMS_Everything_4

“Clothes reflect YOU!
Wear a dress, whenever you feel like it.
Whatever your gender,
Background or colour.
We don’t believe in labels or boxes.”

Repose AMS

This collection is a very strong one… One where everything comes together.
In colour and form, in photography, styling and the casting of the models.
And in speaking out. Repose AMS always has been ‘pro-inclusive’.
A topic close to founder In-Yeo. Inclusivity should be the new norm, even to kids.
Something which should occur naturally.
Clothes should reflect your mood and personality.

This colourful collection ~ in glazed caramel, dark olive,
bubble gum, violet orchid, root brunette, to name a few,
the characteristic slightly oversized fittings
and the beautiful organic or recycled fabrics ~
shows a wide range of items which can be worn
by both the genders. Yes, even a dress.

Although in society this still is a sensitive matter.
Hopefully that will change… Personally I’m looking forward to a society,
where everybody can be themselves and express themselves
the way they feel like. Be the best you, ‘YOU’ want to be.

However, we, as grownups, need to give the best example first.

Thank you In-Yeo, for always following your guts
and make the Kids Universe ‘inclusive, happy and expressive.’
We love your brand (and you)! ; )

Photography: Ania Onopiuk
Styling: Inge de Lange
Creative wonder woman: In-Yeo Couperus

p.s. Available in sizes 2 to 14 years.
For babies there is ‘ MINIKIN’. Check Repose AMS.


kw-molo-ss21-36kw-molo-ss21-38Molo_Bucket_hat_Close_upBellerose_Bucket_hat_'21Before we are poured over by the sunbeams, let’s talk about this…

Last week, I already started writing this post, because the weather forecast
was having some good news after many rainy days…
So first I thought, let’s share a selection of these cool UV-protecters…


This former fisherman’s hat is an ideal one!
Do we need head protection on sunny days? Yes, I think we do.
As the radiant is becoming stronger and yet we want some flexibility,
while playing, …  this is the one.
But… as we live in Northern Europe,
where the weather can change quite some time
and especially mostly unexpectedly…
I was doubting. Is this really ‘the one’?
But suddenly it made some sense…

This is the best investment for three seasons a year;
I knew this ‘bucket’ already from my
and the awesome hiphop culture
(LL Cool J’s red iconic Kangol) at that time.
But many years later I suddenly see it with different eyes…

This is ‘the must-have of 2021’ and beyond.
From a fashionable, but more important sustainable perspective,
it is the best if you choose ‘archetypisch’ forms for the wardrobe wisely,
as it will last forever…

Some brands you should check out;
[they are in uni, tie dye, cameo and

reversible, so you have two-in-one]
Leo Leo Copenhagen
Hundred Pieces 
The Animals Observatory

Finger in the Nose

Have a wonderful lovely and relaxed
(sunny, rainy or windy) weekend!!! : )

 Molo / through Kid’s Wear Magazine

p.s. Check out our boards on Pinterest, for more cool.HEAD.s and some inspiring dudes…


Colour in every tone, is what we need…



It looks like it never stops, the rain in our country…
June is coming up soon. Summer looks like a fairytale…

So to make us a bit ‘sunny’ and therefor happy,
we’ve selected some cool stuff from
the Repose AMS Brandstore.
One of them is this cool classic blue worker-suit,
to brighten up our life.

Well ‘the dude’s life. ‘Our Picasso’ looks like a real artist,
in this worker jacket and -pants.
The awesome colour-palette In-Yeo is always creating,
instantly gives us a very positive vibe.
We have a big heart for these colours.
We call them ‘the-Pantone-colours’,
which are far away from the traditional.
It adds more grey or flatten down the crazy bright versions,
very subtle or individual is what we prefer.

And then, if you can fall in love with stuff…
are the ones you just want to show, haha!
These colours are so beautiful, so Pantone-ish.
So shot a close-up, to make them ‘shine’.

And then the ‘already very famous’  COLOUR ME KIDS CRAYONS…
This is what we love: ‘stationary for the skin you’re in’.
Crayons that better represent human skin tones.
Brilliant! It sounds so simple, and yet no one came up with this.
So a BIG HOORAAYYY for the creators and more colour in our lives.

It’s about time we make sure every colour is available,
as our society is very colourful as well (well hellooooh)
and it needs to be possible for every kid to work with that.
If you would pick up any box of crayons,
it should be as colourful à la Pantone,
not just the primary ones…
In our opinion, those days are over…
and we’re heading to the contemporary styles.
Whoohoo! : )

Our selection from the Repose AMS Brandstore
(In-Yeo’s little candystore)


Workwear jacket classic blue / €119,00


Tee greyish violet / € 34,00 


Workwear pants classic blue / € 79,00


Beeswax block crayons of Stockmar / € 12,00


Colour me crayons / € 6,50



Photography: THE COOL HEADS
Model: the artist Jules
Brands: Repose AMS, Stockmar, Colour me Kids


High on summer

Repose AMS Capsule SS215489

Today, the sun is shining in Amsterdam, … literally!
It makes you long to warm, happy, sunny, shiny summers again.
A comfortable vibe… we all need that!

The sun is also shining figuratively,
as Repose AMS is launching their Capsule Collection today.
Whoohoo! Happy vibes, lovely colours (always!) …
and this feeling popping up, ‘wishing for those summer vibes’.
Long warm days, lovely comfortable evenings, icecream, beach and
wanting to wear just that one comfortable style to play in, all day!

Bright orange hues, warm yellow tones,
cool blue shades and soft lilacs,
emerge in dreamy summer styles
that will make it an unforgettable, endless summer.

Bare feet… Just (simply) be!

This is just a glimpse…. with our favourite shot!
Check the whole collection at Repose AMS

Photography: Ania Onopiuk
Styling: Graciela Gauna

Songbird by night



Everytime Wolf & Rita launch their new collection
we’re happily surprised. Always! 
Besides their own qualities,
they get their inspiration from unexpected sources.
Some gents or ladies from the past inspired them
and you never know who or what and that’s awesome!
‘Expanding your horizon’ is definitely in their vocabulary : )

The SS21 collection is inspired by two;

Dutch conceptual performance artist
and photographer Bas Jan Ader
& on the great literature classic Robinson Crusoe
by Daniel Defoe. 
Two intriguing artists,
leaving the world ‘an aura of mystery and fiction’.

“Our story is about the endless power of imagination
and the fantasy of a chance encounter
between Bas Jan Ader and Robinson Crusoe
on a tropical island somewhere, where they might
share a good amount of stories
while admiring the beauty of Nature
and the wonders of the universe.”

The collection is bright and graphic-ly artistic.
With strong crisp colours and soft versions
of colour tones, all combining very well together.
They are archetypisch forms, the new classics,
…like the printed short-sleeve shirt
and the comfy pants, long and short.
All in soft comfy but sophisticated fabrics.
Of a very high quality. Which is the standard
at Wolf & Rita, since they inherited the knowledge
of their dad. Shoes in the same prints,
diverse accessoires & the lovely
‘Anyway’ as a badge or as a print on a few designs.
A joyful collection in many ways.

Wolf & Rita always have eye for this,
which is a true good in these days;
they always credit their source.
But not just by mentioning them, their inspiration…
the artist is a real part of their campaign.
As a little art class or history class.
And that’s rare in fashion. Exactly that is
what I like about this family.
They are very humble, elegant and cool
at the same time. Everything they do… fits,
because they are ‘a real family’…
a family with beautiful values and a big vision.
And you can see that through all the details
in their collection(s). Magic!

Looking very much forward to this summer…
Thanks again for inspiring us!

Take a look at

Photography: Carlos Lobo
Styling: Nelson Vieira
Models: Afonso, Felipe, Guilherme, Gui, Rodolfo

“The bright yellow pants
is the one we fell in love with.”  – the cool heads

Re-usable art?

Beeswax paper HAPS Nordic / Image by Sannie Nielsen

This image made me take in a little longer, than your average image…
Is it ART? It looks like it to me.
Beautiful colours with graphic lines in unrecognizable forms.
Love it when images make me stop and take time.
Knowing that something must be very interesting about it.

I was scrolling through the IG of The Milk Minimalist,
a lovely online kids-store from the Netherlands.
Not a regular kind, but very well curated.
Especially in colour-tones. And then I found this image.

What do you think it is?

Happily surprised I found out it is food wrapping.
Made of beeswax cotton wraps. Re-usable.
A natural alternative to tin foil, cling film, and sandwich paper.
It’s from HAPS Nordic. And they happen to have more products
for a sustainable kitchen. WHOOHOO!

It worried me lately, using those foils and tins
and not even to be able finding paper to pack sandwiches.
I really had to look for it, as I was assuming
it would be the new normal instead.

Happy we found you!
Thank you for the inspiration

Photography and styling: Sannie Nielsen
Online shopping through: The Milk Minimalist
Design: HAPS Nordic

Freedom Blues by Wolf & Rita




Collection AW 2020

Full of beautiful contemporary printed shirts and (zipped) hoodies,
comfy pants with stripes, or in corduroy or in (soft) cotton,
jackets with cool artistic badges or in herringbone (our favourite),
onesies in corduroy and a more glamourous version in
gorgeous metallic greenish (yes yes!),
and some cool snapbacks for the kids who love accessoiries.

Here you can learn about styling and mix and match. Away from the
save styles. Although, if you prefer uni and basics, like we do,
there are still a lot of beautiful very well made styles left.
And if you LOVE prints and vibrant colours,
this is one of the collections you need in your wardrobe.
For boys/kids, to create their ‘own identity.’

Freedom Blues’, the name of this stunning collection of Wolf & Rita
senses all kinds of ‘feelings’ and it’s true. It has such a different meaning
at this moment right now. Last january (’20), when we saw this beautiful collection
already live in Paris, we could have never guessed we would end up
in this extremely global situation. 

‘Summer 2020’

What a strange and weird time in our history. Due to the virus
and the following lock-downs obviously. But we think more important,
due to one of the most difficult and painful topics of our time, RACISM.
It makes us realise that we didn’t grew as much as we hoped for, in society.
A sad conclusion. We personally are so fed up with people who can’t accept
any individual different than themselves on this planet. Always let their fear
be leading into their actions. We are all humans on one planet.
We should take care of each other, learn from each other.
Maybe we are not there yet at all,
but at least we are heading towards ‘a new chapter’.

The importance of deepening the dialogue, to really ‘listen’ to each other,
especially to the ones in pain, to become more aware, absorb knowledge,
be warm-hearted. And most important know the history and what some
‘HEROES’ had to go through… to make sure it will never happen again!
We can learn from all of this, so it didn’t happen for nothing.

Wolf & Rita have their own hero, the amazing artist William “Bill” Traylor.
FREEDOM BLUES is a tribute to this master. He is regarded today
as one of the most important American artists of the twentieth century. 

William was born into slavery and worked his whole life,
after the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, as a farm laborer in rural Alabama
and later as a shoemaker and factory worker in Montgomery.
It was only then, homeless and in his eighties, that Traylor began making drawings
and paintings on paper, using gouache and other media.

His works, he left behind more than one thousand pieces of art,
depicting cats and dogs, rabbits, street figures, dancers, and other characters,
are visually striking, simple and yet powerful.
Traylor’s vibrant imagery and colour palette inspire and compose the patterns
created for Wolf & Rita’s Autumn-Winter 2020 collection. 

Traylor would not live to see the civil rights movement
but he was contemporary to those who laid its foundation.
To those, then, agents of social change
and to those acting today they wish to pay homage. 

You will understand that this particular collection of Wolf & Rita is here,
without expecting, at the right place and at the right time.
A beautiful tribute to someone who wasn’t aware at the moment,
what he would have accomplished and had given to the world.
How wonderful and heartwarming we can enjoy his beautiful work now…

A big ‘chapeau’ for following your heart and gut feeling, lovely Wolf & Rita.

Photography and Design Carlos Lobo
Styling Nelson Vieira
Styling Assistant Sandra Mendes
Models Ana Marta, Carolina, Felipe,
Gabriel, Lia, Lara, Mafalda, Manuel,
Maria, Maria, Margarida, Rita, Rodolfo and Sara.
(Yesss, there’s an amazing girls collection too…)


p.s. In 2014 we’ve already showed you this inspiring brand.
Read it here… and in 2016, find here and in between…

Wild hairy friend…


Literally every single day…, we get inspired.
Most of the time they are small things which sometimes happen to be big.
By our city life, the news, designers, artists, musicians and our everyday world.

But sometimes there are moments we really get surprised
and we literally yell WOWWW!!!

Today Dutch artist Rop van Mierlo will present ‘the first object’
from his (and Remco van der Velden’s) new brand W.I.L.D.A.N.I.M.A.L.S.
In St. Moritz, Switzerland at NOMAD.

The book WILD ANIMALS (2010) made him famous all over the world.
Sold in MoMA in New York, Design Museum London
and late Colette in Paris, amongst others.
You will recognize his work immediately once you know it…
‘Hairy’ animals. In a very special water paint technique… Gorgeous work!
But our personal favourite is the book SOME LOGIC
which we also sold in our POP-Up in 2014.

With his new brand ‘WILDANIMALS’
Rop is experimenting with his paintings in new techniques and materials.
And the first result is a PANDA RUG! Not just a rug…
‘THE PANDA RUG’…’THE’ PANDA! from Some Logic!
Handtufted in collaboration with Karen Zeedijk/TextielLab.

We’re still in a WOWWW!

Photography: WILDANIMALS
Price upon request


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