Planet lollipops

Since we’ve found out about the cool screwdriver lollipops, we’re sort of focused on cool candy! So suddenly we bumped into these inventive versions of the so called ‘ball style lollipops’.
The ORIGINAL! planet  lollipops by Vintage Confections

Almost too beautiful to eat!
One of the lollipops who belong in the museum of lollipop art…


Cookie monsterrrrr…

Sesamestreet’s cookie monster will all eat this without even looking…, we know for sure! But we instead, prefer to FRAME this! Aren’t this the coolest cookies ever? I mean the polaroid-cookies with your own picture on it… big wow! Although personally the camera and Ray-Ban is nr.1 for us! It’s made in El Paso (USA) by a beautiful stylish delicacy sweets-shop called Manjar. They can ship it to you where ever you live… So we think we will order this for someone’s birthday soon!




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