Just boys…

311451fa96dedd51f6f4d3a11c99b2edSuch an interesting art piece. This image of photographer/artist Thomas Rousset,
from his series Prabérians.
The first instant moment you see it,
it’s just two boys photographed in their bathroom/home.

But then the story will be told…. Well your imagination is starting the engine…
You will end up watching this for a long time and figuring out the story.
It’s very contemporary, but also very normal as in the subject.
A village with inhabitants.
Boys at home.

But there is something strange, something different.
Something very tasteful and stylish! Amazing colors.
You can’t count on your relaxed brain, it needs to work…
Enjoy your imagination around this very cool
contemporary piece of art. It’s a mirror. Beautiful!

Thomas said this about it (and yes he can do best as he’s the artist):
‘Prabérians takes roots in a dialogue between my rural origins
and my creative process as a photographer.
These images came out of a fantasy; that of a fictive rural community,
lost in space and time, evolving in a dream-like French countryside.
My photographs are not following a defined narration;
every mise-en-scène rather tries to rebuild my memories of a rural world
where the farmers’ routine is confronted
with the most exotic archetypes of the peasant life.
The real world is my inspiration.
I make photographs with the inhabitants of my village and their animals
and re-locate them in a floating reality that is timeless, unlikely and intriguing;
a reality that is a blend of a raw normality and absurd exuberance’.
(credits:  Feature Shoot)

Photography: Thomas Rousset





TCH_tiny_store_5TINY store Berlin is the coolest! Seriously!
Is it because of all the cool brands Anne has curated for us?
Yes absolutely!
Her selection, her eye for cool things for kids, her vision…

The icing on the cake though, is her presence in the shop.
Showing her passion for ‘things for kids’ and for the creative mind.
It comes naturally…
Anne Postrach, the founder of TINY store  is a beautiful person.
Someone who’ s totally herself.
Just following her heart for art, styles and creativeness.

We’ve spend a few hours in her shop when we visited great Berlin this holiday.
Not because it’s a big shop. Because it feels a bit like home…
A stylish, wannahave it all, version, haha…

The kids can play in the back of the store, which we really like.
Where they can make drawings.
Where they can play hide and seek in the coolest dressingroom.
Almost a piece of art. With special made layered curtains by Nadine Goepfert.

You feel the appreciation of curiosity and fun in design
(copied this sentence, because that’s exactly what it feels like)!
It’s about color, graphics, fabrics, printing and Scandinavian styles.
But also great designs from her own country.
Anne is not afraid to stand out.
We love the pastel sweater, salmon and mint,  for the boys.

If I was a brand I would be delighted to be sold in TINY!
The vibe is cool. And basic, as in wood and color, so your brand would stand out.
Like in an art gallery, but without the distance of art.

Anne is also publishing and selling it exclusively in her shop.
A cool little alphabet mag/little book caught our eye
+ the newest (just in the shop) posters created by Nadine Goepfert as well.
Three versions and you really want all three of them.

It’s exciting, intelligent and inspiring!

And if you pop in, give her a Cappuccino Soy from us,
from the great bakery across the street…
She will love it!

Photography: thecoolheads.com

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