Brilliance no.4


Stunning colors, Bowie and Circus vibe…, very high-end.
And a beauty of a model with his incredibly COOL red hair and freckles…
Absolutely brilliant!

This gorgeous image is from
Swedish photographer Karolina Henke.

She made this one for inspiring La Petite Mag.
Her images are always like a contemporary fairytale.
Very strong! It seems to be that’s her specialty.
Her unique ability to direct her models
into strong personal expressions.


Photography: Karolina Henke

NYC sunshine swag!

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Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Agatha Cub… from NYC!

Creative director, lovely Bianca Reis,
is the creator behind this beautiful refined cool brand.
Launched in 2013 already!

With two cool dudes [ her nephews ]
as her inspiration and her background in fashion
she has created a gorgeous, very contemporary and fashionable style.
With a very ‘own identity’.
High quality, sustainable and ethically made.

We can blabla about all the details,
but we think with just taking a closer look,
it says more then words does.

It’s so beautifully well-made!
Inside and outside have different prints.
Typical AC!

Today, their Spring Summer 16 collection
‘BOTANICALS’ is launching as you’ve just found out ; )
Taking a look at the stunning shots.

Beautiful, VERY COOL & a big wanna have…
Every item is strong and unique, because of,
for sure, the amazing prints and strong forms.
So if you wear just a piece of AC with a basic,
the boys will still shine big time!

Button down’s, sweaters, comfy pants and shorts.
The longer tees with different prints are already a favourite.
But actually we can’t choose…
From the ‘bunny black’ we want it all!

Available in all the cool stores from today on!
Like a few of our favourites,
where you can actually try it on;
Charlotte’s KID Antwerp and Anne’s TINY store Berlin

Dream with us about SPRING & SUMMER,
go and check the whole collection.
Sold out in a bit, is our prediction ; )


All images are from Agatha Cub’s lookbook.

p.s. We always try to show you just the dudes-stuff,
but how can we not show you the girls in their coolest outfits?
So just a glimpse, because we can’t resist!


Brilliance no.3

Connor for Named Models | © michelle marshall phtography

Conor for Named Models | © michelle marshall photography

… take a closer look…
[ black & white photography ]

A few weeks ago we were in Paris for the KID-SHOWS
and bumped into the very COOL MISS Michelle Marshall.
How lucky we are!

The London based photographer
to whom we will give a compliment,
almost every (two) week (s) on IG… haha!
But never had the chance to meet her in real life…
Big laugh about it, when we finally did meet.

Conclusion after this meet & greet;
Very talented photographer, very stylish miss and lovely to talk to.
An inspiring lady.  More to come…

For now we would like you to take a closer look
at #brilliance no.3!

Little cool details makes it big!
Her work is the example of that.
Very fashion, street style
and very minimalistic.
It’s about the face, the personality…

This portrait of model Conor for Named Models,
to us, gives innocence, silence
and yet an incredibly strong personality in one image.

Being very cool in his NIKE sweater… (we looovvveee)
As both contemporary and timeless, as it can be.

Have a wonderful lovely weekend y’all!

Photography: (the…) Michelle Marshall


Happy new ‘long ears’ museum!


NIJNTJE [in dutch], MIFFY [in english]
is the worldwide well known character of
world famous artist Dick Bruna (1927).
Originally created in 1955, when entertaining his son,
by drawing some characters…

We think all generations
are very familiar with her at some point.

Last year the brilliant work of Dick Bruna was curated
to be in the permanent collection of the Rijksmuseum.
And before that, there was the Dick Bruna
Home in Central Museum Utrecht.

Awesomeness to the max we think…
It’s getting better!

From tomorrow on, there will be the

A place where toddlers and pre-schoolers
can experience the Miffy world,
and use their own imagination…
to play, crawl, explore, sniff, dance,
experience, create and have fun.
Like Dick Bruna’s philosophy.

Find out about his brilliant icon, Miffy!
… at this ‘brand new museum’.

So very worth to pay a visit!
If you love the long ‘archetype’ ears…,
obviously ; )



The A is for AWESOME!


Our lovely friends from WOLF & RITA
won a very well deserved ‘MILK AWARD’ last week.


This cool award from MILK MAGAZINE,
at kids fair PLAYTIME PARIS, is for ‘best fashion AW16’.
Their collection is stunninggg…!

The fabrics are so rich as in material.
So inspiring as in design.
Their designs are really one of a kind.
Refined in details.
Almost Haute Couture,
but in a fashionable and very wearable way.

And in between they’ve launched a big surprise,
a baby collection AW16.
Boy oh boy… We fell in love…
Knitted pants in camel with pompoms… Melting here!

It must be influenced by Claudia,
one of the sisters, who became a mum last year.

Unfortunately we can’t show you these beauties yet…
#bigsecret #youhavetowaituntiljuly ; )

But, today we can show you some beauty
for #springsummer16…

Called “Bonjour Jeunesse”.
A little hommage to the thrilling European film history
and to an amazing group of influential artists.
French New Wave rocks!

Black & White, stripes, lovelyyyyyy shirts
and onesies for the big boys.
Comfortable pants, graphic prints.
Check the back of the white denim sleeveless vest.
You can see the names of their inspirational artists.

You can find the entire new collection at the designers!
With the most gorgeous girls styles too!
There’s also a big list of stores,
who will sell these collections.
We know for sure it’s available in your country.
And if not, there’s always online shopping worldwide.
You won’t regret it!
Whoop whoop!

Looking forward to some sunshine right now,
where the boys can shine in style!

Enjoy a wonderful day!

Photography: Carlos Lobo for Wolf & Rita

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