Your Royal highness!

TCH_king_1Almost two days ago you’ve entered planet Earth…
Hooraaaaay, you’re a boy!
Just to let you know…
One day you will be King of Great Britain.

But for now you can just grow up, being as cool and naughty as your uncle
and funny as your dad and granddad.
You will be thirth in line to the throne, so you have some time!
With your genes, humour will be the most important thing in life.
You had an incredibly graceful and amazing grandmother.
We guess you received some of her genes too so then you will manage
in the world called Royal Family.

Be cool, be a coolhead!

Welcome to this world
little cool mr.Windsor.

We guess your name will be JAMES, by the way!

p.s. we’ve made some contemporary inspiration for your parents
to make you the coolest!


Tees from da hood




Thanks to the cool SPRHUMAN,  I found out today about the Brand ‘Boys like us’
It’s an Amsterdam based brand with cool tees for boys between 4-14 years old.
Since we’re tee and sweater-addicts, we’re quite excited.
It’s very difficult to find contemporary (ones we like too!) tees for youngsters…,
so this is an inspiring brand!
The prints are designed by diverse artists with experience in
designing for cool grown-up brands. I think that’s the key to succes,
because in a way we want a mini version of us…,
well of the cool dads…

Leopard script is our favourite! We will get that one, for sure!

p.s. check some more tees & sweats inspiration here!

Photography: Piet Oosterbeek

Paparazzi crew!


As photographers we love camera’s, obviously!
Leica M8 is my sweetheart,
but how cool are the versions for kids?

This Vintage Fisher Price flew in from the States.
Founded by my sweet friend on E-bay…
given to us for Christmas. Personally delivered!

A kid with a camera…, very adorable and cool!
We’ve made a board on Pinterest with some inspiration.
Pssssstttttt… because we’re ‘visual’ not happy with the new look
of this pinning-master, we don’t do a preview anymore…,
so just check the ‘camera crew’– link.
It will make you smile, promise!



Great Playtime!


A big thank you to Playtime Paris
for creating and organizing such an inspiring event!

Located at a beautiful spot in Paris…,
so we could take a walk in the great green Parc Floral
to cool down from the Paris temperatures yesterday
… if…
we didn’t had to head back to Amsterdam…
Unfortunately we only had 5 hours of playtime… due
to our train delay in the morning…

But nevertheless…
We had a wonderful time… thanks to your very kind staff too…
we always love that!
plus we were allowed to enter the PRESS ROOM,
felt really lucky!

A VIP-moment,
we’ve met our favourite & cool designer friends,
Wonderful to talk to you about your inspiring
SS14 collections (very impressed!) and our future plans.

And ofcourse we were happy to get to know
about cool new brands and their great designers…,
about whom we will write
very very soon…
let’s say tomorrow!

but for now…


p.s. we LOVE the tote bag!

photography: @our

Unique, (be)cause!


UK-based Lil’ Beans
launched a new online store for kids two days ago…
it’s not just a shop…
It’s a really nice story… with a big heart.

Creative mum of  two, almost three…, Sam, founder of Lil’ Beans,
blogging for years about beautiful things for little people…,
… had a big wish.
To do something combining Autism and children,
from her experiences with her oldest son, who is on the Autistic Spectrum.
As she’s a creative herself, she figured it out.
With American Emily on her side, they launched their wish on July 1st.

Collaborating on t-shirts for children as an annual charity event
seemed the perfect place to start! And something solely Lil’ Beans.
Sam wants this to grow as Lil’ Beans does, as the idea has because of her children.

Three different tee’s with all cool designs.
Created by great artists Chris Bianchi and Bill Bragg both from Le Gun.
In sizes 12m -5 years and
(we love that) ‘young double figures/tweens’.
Kids grow up so they’ve decided to design within the size they’re growing into…,
cool Lil’ Beans.

We think the best thing about this is that you can buy
a cool unique tee,
designed by cool dudes,
for your boy (or girl) and support

This year all the profits will go to NAS,
the National Autistic Society.
And as seen before on our blog, we support Autism.
Read also the admirable story of Crys and Sasha Worley of A. skate,
Help support Autism!

We’re very curious about the next move…,
the AW13 collection of Lil’ Beans.
We love limited editions and big hearts.
Support charity in style!





 photography: Sam/Lil’Beans

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