Crys & Sasha Worley – A.skate


Sometimes you bump into subjects & stories which will hit you real hard.
In a good way though… It makes you more aware, even if you already are.
It brought me to tears.
This is such a beautiful story… by VANS presented a video, a while ago, called ‘Vans Presents Pass the Bucket with Crys Worley’.
Directed by Eliot Rausch

It’s the story of an incredibly strong and beautiful mum, Crys Worley, and her beautiful son Sasha.
He’s autistic. He’s a nine year old boy, living in his own world
and everybody close around him is dealing with his special needs.
In this documentary you can see with which she’s struggled so much in the past
and what’s driven her to be so strong and passionate about her organization A.skate.

The thing that actually brought me to tears was
Crys telling that all she wanted was her son TO ACKNOWLEDGE HER …

Today, 1:88 kids are diagnosed with autism, from which 1:58 are boys.

With her organization A.skate she makes it possible for autistic children to open up
and be part of the social world through skateboarding.
And at the same time it’s therapy for the parents, because they feel like outkast.
And normally don’t know where to go. Now they do.
There are free clinics throughout the country (USA).
But her hope is to make it possible for all the autistic children in the whole wide world.
I support that and you can too. Go to A.skate and find out about this fantastic driven organization
to make our kids world more beautiful!

Please watch the video, which is so worth watching until the end… and HELP SUPPORT AUTISM!

I grew up with an autistic brother, I’m a mum and I also know what they give you back…
Pure little things who happen to be pretty big in life.
And I know the skateboarding scene, so I recognize a lot… and feel like I’m so proud of her and everybody involved…

I will post more about this, especially about Heartchild,
a documentary film made by Ben Duffy and Michael Sassano, chronicling the tireless work of Crys Worley and her charity, A Skate.
Check  out heartchildthemovie



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