Layered coolness by mr. Haroshi

Made of old skateboards, this is ultimate recycling! These are really impressive artworks!

If you know how many layers a skateboard-deck has and realise that it’s not just a flat piece of wood and see these incredibly detailed sculptures… then you know how many hours/days/weeks/months he must work on  this.

Mr. Haroshi ‘s work is so pure and dedicated. His experience and almost crazy knowledge is necessary to make this kind of art. He’s able to differentiate from thousands of used decks… by lines, shapes, colors and every other detail… before being able to make a real piece of art, like the one we love most because we wear them, the Nike High Dunk.

We’re happily flabberguested! Thanks for this inspiring work mister Cool Haroshi!




The glasses are a nice example for applied design from Haroshi…6a283d2f7a6add779702f7e4d59f161d

Photos art:
taro hirano
Pictureman Studio

Portrait Haroshi:
Adam Wallacavage

framed by the cool heads

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