DONE by John John Florence

As surf-likers-lovers we already knew about the Florence brothers. Three brothers, John John, Nathan and Ivan, who were born and raised at Hawaiian Banzai PipelineGrowing up with skateboarding and surfing because of their cool mum Alexandra, who’s a wonderful ‘boarder’ herself. Now John John, 20 years old, is one of the best surfers on the planet and competing in the most well-known contests in the world.

And now there’s his own movie… directed by Blake Vincent Kueny and himself. Yesterday we bought it and it’s incredibly cool. John John is a surfer who’s riding waves like he’s skateboarding in a concrete bowl. Looking very confident. Even in the biggest craziest waves. Doing breathtaking air’s.
Having fun with a group of friends & family. Beautiful stills in between. You can even see his mum on a longboard in the end. Also shots on 16mm and Super 8, which is amazingly beautiful. 23 minutes of  ooh’s and aah’s.
My oldest son was watching it with me and I just heard WOWWWWWW (by him and myself, haha!).

You can buy it at I-tunes. It’s really worth too watch. But ofcourse you can see for yourself first in DONE trailer 1  and DONE trailer 2.

We’ll bet you will buy it! Enjoy big time!



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