Pure poetry






Listening to contemporary classic music
and looking at this beautiful image is
pure poetry to me…

It’s the newest design,
a limited edition,
of the want-to-have-it-all

Anatology’s founder Delphine Miquel
is what I think a designer should be.
Being incredibly creative, surprising…,
an out-of-the-box-thinker…
gives the #wow-factor.

You can tell that she has a background
in art and design.
She studied at the Beaux-Arts.

There are already two articles I wrote about this
lovely creative intelligent designer.
Mr.Toucan & Graphic Jungle

For now just have a look at this gorgeous,
breathtaking design
and wait patiently.

This limited edition sleep bag,
a hooded bath towel, a bib and cases
will be available before Christmas.
So you can buy the best present everrr…
(for yourself… )

Images: Anatology

#TBT all-time-favourite coolness no.5

6d9a4c3593704c46ac902cf2c8572eb1One of my all-time favourite commercials everrrrr…
is this one from Sony Bravia. Colour “like.no.other”

250.000 bright-colored bouncy rubber balls
bouncing down a San Francisco street.
The most amazing thing is that it’s not computer animated.

For us it stands for #nowords #stunning
#crazyness #whoopwhoop
Incredible difficult project to produce
I always thing… how?

The image I’ll remember the most,
is the frog jumping out of a drainpipe
with all the bouncy balls jumping around too.

Directed by the master: Nicolai Fuglsig

p.s. More ‘we just love it’ you’ll find here.

Just boys…

311451fa96dedd51f6f4d3a11c99b2edSuch an interesting art piece. This image of photographer/artist Thomas Rousset,
from his series Prabérians.
The first instant moment you see it,
it’s just two boys photographed in their bathroom/home.

But then the story will be told…. Well your imagination is starting the engine…
You will end up watching this for a long time and figuring out the story.
It’s very contemporary, but also very normal as in the subject.
A village with inhabitants.
Boys at home.

But there is something strange, something different.
Something very tasteful and stylish! Amazing colors.
You can’t count on your relaxed brain, it needs to work…
Enjoy your imagination around this very cool
contemporary piece of art. It’s a mirror. Beautiful!

Thomas said this about it (and yes he can do best as he’s the artist):
‘Prabérians takes roots in a dialogue between my rural origins
and my creative process as a photographer.
These images came out of a fantasy; that of a fictive rural community,
lost in space and time, evolving in a dream-like French countryside.
My photographs are not following a defined narration;
every mise-en-scène rather tries to rebuild my memories of a rural world
where the farmers’ routine is confronted
with the most exotic archetypes of the peasant life.
The real world is my inspiration.
I make photographs with the inhabitants of my village and their animals
and re-locate them in a floating reality that is timeless, unlikely and intriguing;
a reality that is a blend of a raw normality and absurd exuberance’.
(credits:  Feature Shoot)

Photography: Thomas Rousset

Some logic!



Rop van Mierlo Rules!

The Dutch Artist making impressive artworks
in a very special technique with waterpaint.
Incredibly beautiful!!!

His new book SOME LOGIC
was launched in Amsterdam a few weeks ago…
(how could we missed that? …)
It’s a follow up from his first book Wild Animals.
This book contains artworks of beautiful animals like
a giraffe, a bumblebee, a panda, a crocodile, a mandrill.

It maintains the same level of perfection.
Incredibly brilliant in colors and forms…
so very subtle… amazing!

Don’t miss this:
the making of SOME LOGIC

Olympic coolness!


All we see right now (well on a screen!)
is snow, ice and incredibly jealousmaking
trained pro’s.
It’s all about the Olympics and we love it.

A while ago we’ve bumped into this great artwork
Totally contemporary  Olympic coolness!

We love the name and concept.
‘Damn, I wish I though of that…’
So funny and brilliant!

Enjoy more of cool art here
and of all the great pro-dudes and dudettes
on TV!

Image: Sebastiaan Bremer

Big bear, little bear


This amazing picture of Hungarian photographer Tamas Dezso
caught our eye this morning
(Thanks GUP Magazine).
First we thought it was a costume… in a way it is.., but this seems to be real.

It is Ciprian, the Bear Dancer.
Tamas photographed this beautiful image, FOR US POETRY, this year.
Amazing light and a strange scenery. You have to look twice,
before you even understand the image.

This is one of the amazing photographs he took for his ongoing project
It portrays the transformation from the region’s hardest dictatorship,
Romania, into a more modern world.

From citizens in tiny little villages, with all their traditions,
who struggle with this fast ‘modern’ change…
All urged on by modernisation.

To all the gigantic concrete buildings, as a left over from their history…
who need to be pulled down step by step, piece by piece.
In the manner of termites…

The whole series of these photographs
is absolutely stunning.
Which feels strange because the subject is
pretty sad so how can we be so excited about an image.
He hit the right chord so very well.

We love the little bear forever!


Laughing out loud!

For a rainy boring, Amsterdam, Monday morning, we really need this…
It’s so funny… we had to laugh out loud!

These portraits of Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal.
A combination of portraits of animals, photographed from the front…,
mixed with cool dressed human bodies.

Check all of them here! It will make you laugh anyway!

Happy Monday!






Wild and Sweet!

A true ‘must-have’… This book is one of our favorites ever… It’s really art!
The artist, Rop van Mierlo, used a very special technique with waterpaint…  which makes it looks so incredibly soft…  Like it’s puppy hair.
Really brilliant! You want the animals to become real.

So a ‘must-have’ for all contemporary families. And a great gift too! It’s 325 x 230 mm, hardcover, so you can display it easily.
You really want to… And Rop is also selling big (poster size) prints of each animal.
The kids will be wild about it!
Check his ‘planet’ for all the products.








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