#TBT all-time-favourite coolness no.5

6d9a4c3593704c46ac902cf2c8572eb1One of my all-time favourite commercials everrrrr…
is this one from Sony Bravia. Colour “like.no.other”

250.000 bright-colored bouncy rubber balls
bouncing down a San Francisco street.
The most amazing thing is that it’s not computer animated.

For us it stands for #nowords #stunning
#crazyness #whoopwhoop
Incredible difficult project to produce
I always thing… how?

The image I’ll remember the most,
is the frog jumping out of a drainpipe
with all the bouncy balls jumping around too.

Directed by the master: Nicolai Fuglsig

p.s. More ‘we just love it’ you’ll find here.

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