Brilliance no.4


Stunning colors, Bowie and Circus vibe…, very high-end.
And a beauty of a model with his incredibly COOL red hair and freckles…
Absolutely brilliant!

This gorgeous image is from
Swedish photographer Karolina Henke.

She made this one for inspiring La Petite Mag.
Her images are always like a contemporary fairytale.
Very strong! It seems to be that’s her specialty.
Her unique ability to direct her models
into strong personal expressions.


Photography: Karolina Henke

Brilliance no.3

Connor for Named Models | © michelle marshall phtography

Conor for Named Models | © michelle marshall photography

… take a closer look…
[ black & white photography ]

A few weeks ago we were in Paris for the KID-SHOWS
and bumped into the very COOL MISS Michelle Marshall.
How lucky we are!

The London based photographer
to whom we will give a compliment,
almost every (two) week (s) on IG… haha!
But never had the chance to meet her in real life…
Big laugh about it, when we finally did meet.

Conclusion after this meet & greet;
Very talented photographer, very stylish miss and lovely to talk to.
An inspiring lady.  More to come…

For now we would like you to take a closer look
at #brilliance no.3!

Little cool details makes it big!
Her work is the example of that.
Very fashion, street style
and very minimalistic.
It’s about the face, the personality…

This portrait of model Conor for Named Models,
to us, gives innocence, silence
and yet an incredibly strong personality in one image.

Being very cool in his NIKE sweater… (we looovvveee)
As both contemporary and timeless, as it can be.

Have a wonderful lovely weekend y’all!

Photography: (the…) Michelle Marshall


Master of Photography!




Only 24hrs left,
to get the opportunity of a lifetime…
WITH THIS 5 year old MASTER …
And on top of that
some delicicious ICECREAM
( love it!!!!, it must be his idea )
all in wonderful SEATTLE

there’s a quite celebrated talented National Geographic photographer,
who will take his 4 year old son on a roadtrip through the desert to enjoy
a father & son get-together…
But it happened to be a lifechanging experience…

The dad, Aaron Huey,
was looking for something to do for fun,
while travelling…
Something they would both enjoy…
Along the way
they’ve bought 4 year old Hawkeye
an instant Fuji camera.
Well glad they did…

We looovvveeeeee it!!!!!
Little Hawkeye stole our heart.
As a photographer and mom of a 4 year old myself,
I would dream about something like this to happen.

The images…

Analog will always bring something surprising,
something we can’t control.
The angle from where he photographs the subject is so refreshing!
So natural and logical, but yet never ever done like this before.

Well, the rest is history.
There will almost be
and you can help!
(big wannahave!)


Just 24 hrs left to support this project!

But we know for sure, this is the start of a wonderful career of a cool boy.
Not only because of his amazing photography,
but for for sure of being a cool, nice, intelligent, lovely boy.
Thanks to his lovely cool parents! You rock!


Little Lions…




TCH_lion_of_leisure_bag TCH_lion_of_leisure_baby.5

TCH_lion_of_leisure_baby.2LION OF LEISURE…,
the cool kidsbrand from Antwerp,
asked us again to do their photoshoot…
This time for the BABY-collection.

We loooooooooveddddddddd it!
You have to know, we’re always in the middle of
3 and 11 year old dudes.
And to be honest,
with cute little babies
we always become incredibly soft.
Yelling…. “ssssssooooo cuteeeeeee”…
“too adorable”… and
(I couldn’t found a similar translation for
our Dutch sentence:) “om op te eten”.

These adorable little tiny mini’s were shining
in front of my camera, doing a wonderful job.
They are only 8, 15 and 18 months old.
Can you believe it? Little heroes!

This collection is considered non-seasonal. Which we love!
A few times a year Lion of Leisure comes up
with a new print and an additional humorous text.
Every tee is handprinted carefully and lovingly.

At the shoot we saw a few
new very cool illustrations already.
We assume they will present that
at Playtime Paris at the end of this month.

Their baby collection is in soft grey,
soft blue, beautiful red and off-white.
Always with the cool , already well-known,
detailed, whimsical illustrations of animals.
With funny graphics like: “wait for me” (elephant),
“today could be a bit wobbly” (giraffe),
“show me the milk” (lamb),
“I can fly” (pinguin), “crack!” (Chimp).
The combination of image and text makes it hilarious.
In 3 sizes from 6-18 months.

Lion of Leisure is always delivering these
cool tees in the re-usable 100% pure cotton bag.
A lovely gift from the designers.

We think this is one of the must-haves-gifts
for birth or B-days ,
which will always
put a smile on someone’s face.

Check it out here,
But we will keep you posted anyway!


Big bear, little bear


This amazing picture of Hungarian photographer Tamas Dezso
caught our eye this morning
(Thanks GUP Magazine).
First we thought it was a costume… in a way it is.., but this seems to be real.

It is Ciprian, the Bear Dancer.
Tamas photographed this beautiful image, FOR US POETRY, this year.
Amazing light and a strange scenery. You have to look twice,
before you even understand the image.

This is one of the amazing photographs he took for his ongoing project
It portrays the transformation from the region’s hardest dictatorship,
Romania, into a more modern world.

From citizens in tiny little villages, with all their traditions,
who struggle with this fast ‘modern’ change…
All urged on by modernisation.

To all the gigantic concrete buildings, as a left over from their history…
who need to be pulled down step by step, piece by piece.
In the manner of termites…

The whole series of these photographs
is absolutely stunning.
Which feels strange because the subject is
pretty sad so how can we be so excited about an image.
He hit the right chord so very well.

We love the little bear forever!


The Fresh Prince jr.


Great picture of 15 year old Jaden Smith, the son of funny, crazy, cool mr. W. Smith…
aka the Fresh Prince.
The TV-magnet  of the nineties.

Strong genes, a great bunch of coolness,
shining photography and excellent styling ,
for Wonderland Magazine
makes him the perfect Fresh Prince 2013.

Besides his wonderful acting, Jaden seems very funny and cool,
next to his ‘shining dad’.
Check the great episode of the Graham Norton Show this year.
Our ultimate favourite!
Especially where this picture comes together in this moment.
more ‘cool boys’ photography in black & white here.

Photography: Rory van Millingen
Styling: Andrew Davis

mr. photobooth

What a cool boy he is…
and totally contemporary!
The photo is from mid 70’s, really!
How amazing is that!
Look at his hair and cool jacket!
This could be 2013, shot in vintage
photography style.

Thanks to Australian
Katherine Anne Griffiths
with her
cool Photo(booth) blog,
called Photobooth Journal.

You have to check it,
if you love photobooths
like we do!

p.s. also check it on our Pinboard

Cool Valentine!

 ‘Cool boys in love’ will score with this beautiful pop up pixel heart from Mini Eco. It’s a template you can download from their website. How kind that is. So be creative and impress!




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