the fableists cool : finn

You have to watch this… you will love it!

A wonderful 2 minute brand film from great kidsbrand
where they bring you an important message at the end.
Beautifully shot in de streets of (East) London.
Wonderful eight year old skateboard phenomenon Finnian Rocillo-Martin
is having the leading role in this.

Established commercial director Olivier Venturini‘s idea,
is to create a series of films about kids all over the world
– The Fableists –
to highlight their talents and passions,
as well as what drives them.

Just watch it!

p.s. Watch more of this very cool Finn dude here.

T4T by MUNSTERkids





t4t_mulgatee*Cool brand MUNSTERKIDS from Australia
is doing something we
very much…

Yes their tees for boys are always
amazingly cool.
And we are big tee & sweat fans,
so we’re kind of updated.

Munsterkids teams up with very creative
cool artists for this special project T4T.

An initiative that aims to help the kids in orphanages
throughout Vietnam and Cambodia.
Each season they commission their favourite artists
to do a series of artwork for Munster tees.
The proceeds from the sale of these tees are shared
with kids in Vietnam and Cambodia,
providing clothing, books and bikes.
Things we so much appreciated as kids
and probably took for granted…

Boys live everywhere around the globe.
Unfortunately not all  just in a prosperous environment.
Therefore it’s fantastic
that a cool brand like Munsterkids
is sharing in this particular way.

They lived with their 3 kids in Vietnam,
where they produce their designs.
So they feel so much connection with this country.
By doing this,
they teach their and our children and yes us …
a big life lesson.

Care for others and our world…
that’s cool!

and especially for their heartwarming project.
Because they really care, share and they do it in style…

p.s. Hunter is the coolest kid. He won their kids drawing competition.
And his design is really our favourite!
We guess because it’s open-minded! Like kids are…


Surfing for a better future!


Equal chances for all the children living on our planet.
How amazing that would be…
Unfortunately that’s not the case…

Indonesian Island Bali is a very popular holiday destination.
Great food, beautiful culture and landscapes
and the big ocean.
But the other side of this ‘fairytale’ is the harsh reality.
There are so many orphans and streetkids on Bali. Really sad.
It’s about surviving and no luxury at all.
Plus the intense sad pollution on this beautiful island.

Luckily for these kids, Dutch Rodney Westerlaken,
started a great project in the summer of 2008,
which will give them much more hope & a happier perspective.


In 2007 he was a volunteer at an orphanage.
But after he found out that the owner spend all his donated money to herself,
he decided to make sure only the kids would benefit from donations.
The only thing he could do was to start a project himself
to make sure it was all about the future of the kids.
Not the greedy ‘so called support’.

Before he helped out at the orphanage, he always went surfing.
So he arrived with wet hair and his surfboard.
The kids were curious about that, because they didn’t understand…,
So he decided to organize a big surfing-class for them together with Ripcurl.
+ besides that, the kids threw away their garbarge and not in waste-bins they brought.
There was no awareness at all!
So he thought 1+1=2



Soul Surf Project Bali;
“With surfing we have a method which is helping us to protect the coast and its 
Surfing will be given as a reward for 
growing awareness and knowledge and a new attitude.
While surfing, the kids are in the elements of mother nature,
by being in those elements they will learn to appreciate it!”

We, the Cool Heads, would really like to support this project,
because they TEACH!
Not only surfing and English classes, but they see
It’s about awareness!
For the environment on their, in original, beautiful Island.
But also about getting chances, working hard and get rewarded for that.
The kids are our future!

There are already a few SUCCES STORIES;

DANI who’s dream is to be a professional photographer.
She can work part-time for the project.
She’s not able to go to school because she’s recovering from a really heavy back surgery.
Now doing fine, so  she’s slowly getting back and can photograph a few hours.
That will make her so happy we guess…

PIKA, a physically disabled girl rescued by Bali Street Kids is now taking
swimming classeswith SSPB and becoming stronger and stronger.

PREMA (in action on the first picture) is a very enthousiastic kid
and great surfer already.
He’s helping out in the eco-surfshop, and with surfing lessons,
creates new eco-products for the shop and will have an internship at Ripcurl.
What an amazing story!
The program will also make sure he will get his lifesaving- and surfteacher degree
and after two years it’s possible to get a microcredit to built up his own business.

All this is possible now because of the human and brilliant thinking of Rodney
when he started this and his cool (volunteer) crew
for making it work for already 5 years!
Plus support from the pro’s like Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina,
Bethany Hamilton is a big help too.
Ripcurl and SSPB are joining forces, launched in August,
in an exclusive sponsorship for one year.



But they really need much more  funds or donations to make it possible
to teach much more kids.
To make a better future for kids like Prema, Dani and Pika!
They already showed their strength and courage!
These kids are the future. With this project it looks like a bright future.

Possibilities enough to support. By donate wax or a bin bag by sms…
or support the possibility of a van…
They really need that ‘biggie expense’ to go on fieldtrips, to educate about the environment…
A second Balsawood surfboard for the talentclass is very much needed.
And you can shop in the first ECO SURF SHOP. How cool is that!
But you can also take surflessons at their surfschool when you’re on holiday at Bali.
That’s support too!

They are the first and only surfschool who will give back
your payment for your surfinglessons
straight to the programs for the orphans and streetkids of Bali.


What we also like about this project in particular is that
it’s very contemporary. I mean the website, the daily updates.
They’re very transparent on social media. You can follow everything.
Through the 1% club  you can also donate by time, knowledge and money.

Make a difference!
Support our future!
Many thanks!
110300046.35.38 AMAll photographs from Soul Surf Project Bali

Tasuku & Muu / best buddies!






Because of the Worlds Animal Day today, we have to share this.
We’re enjoying every picture of these two… It’s got such a big hug-factor!

Japanese cutest little boy Tasuku and his cool French Bulldog ‘best buddy’ Muu…
are the coolest and most adorable friends on the planet!
These images say everything about their amazing friendship
and the way they live together.

They’re quite famous already!
Having an amazing amount
of followers on Instagram
and  Facebook.

Many thanks to cool mum Aya Sakai, who’s taking these beautiful pictures…,
sharing them and making us smile every time!
And dad, for being the great actor in a supporting role.

To Muu we would like to say…
we salute you on your special day!

p.s. Tasuku, you’re the coolest!!!!!


10 is the magic number!



Mr. Coolhead…
He’s the cool boy who doesn’t mind to be photographed by me, his mom.
Yesterday it was his 10th B-day!
What an amazing experience to see a little dependent boy
into a more or less independent boy.

Yes yes, we’re a bit emotional about it,
but love the new phase
he and we
will be in…

Today, 5 minutes before his lunchbreak finished,
I asked him if I could take a picture of him…
This was shot in less then two minutes…
Luckily for him (and me!) he rides a skateboard,
so he was still right on time.

Wearing his new American Apparel gear,
the American tee
including two new wristbands (adding his collection)
the H&M dark denim skinny
his Nike SB’s,
his New Era snapback from NYC
+ his skateboard
a big gift from dad…
The vintage deck is officially
from the famous Finnish vert-rider
Jussi Korhonen
We named our son after him…
The trucks, wheels etc. are additionally new.

10 years old and suddenly
a teenager!


Unique, (be)cause!


UK-based Lil’ Beans
launched a new online store for kids two days ago…
it’s not just a shop…
It’s a really nice story… with a big heart.

Creative mum of  two, almost three…, Sam, founder of Lil’ Beans,
blogging for years about beautiful things for little people…,
… had a big wish.
To do something combining Autism and children,
from her experiences with her oldest son, who is on the Autistic Spectrum.
As she’s a creative herself, she figured it out.
With American Emily on her side, they launched their wish on July 1st.

Collaborating on t-shirts for children as an annual charity event
seemed the perfect place to start! And something solely Lil’ Beans.
Sam wants this to grow as Lil’ Beans does, as the idea has because of her children.

Three different tee’s with all cool designs.
Created by great artists Chris Bianchi and Bill Bragg both from Le Gun.
In sizes 12m -5 years and
(we love that) ‘young double figures/tweens’.
Kids grow up so they’ve decided to design within the size they’re growing into…,
cool Lil’ Beans.

We think the best thing about this is that you can buy
a cool unique tee,
designed by cool dudes,
for your boy (or girl) and support

This year all the profits will go to NAS,
the National Autistic Society.
And as seen before on our blog, we support Autism.
Read also the admirable story of Crys and Sasha Worley of A. skate,
Help support Autism!

We’re very curious about the next move…,
the AW13 collection of Lil’ Beans.
We love limited editions and big hearts.
Support charity in style!





 photography: Sam/Lil’Beans

Shining like a star!

This cool boy Luka is dreaming of skateboarding, playing basketball and flying with a balloon,
everything a 12-year-old boy would dream about.
In real life this would never be possible…
He’s stuck to a wheelchair, because of muscular dystrophy…

Thanks to the creative mind of photographer & psychologist Matej Peljhan,
it was possible to become ‘Le Petit Prince’.
A beautiful collection of photographs of Luka, which is much more then just a collection of pictures.
We’re really touched by it!

The biography of the photographer tells us that he’s been through a lot himself.
At the age of 10 he became physically disabled.
He’d studied psychology and clinical psychology, which helps him in his daily work
with children with special needs.
For Matej there are no limits in his dealing with life or, better to say: only the sky is his limit!
So the way he looks towards the world today, makes him create these beautiful and touching images.

Rolling, flying and jumping for a day… captured forever!
A big heart from us to the photographer and ‘Le Petit Prince’ Luka!



Matej-Peljhan-1photography: matej peljhan

Crys & Sasha Worley – A.skate


Sometimes you bump into subjects & stories which will hit you real hard.
In a good way though… It makes you more aware, even if you already are.
It brought me to tears.
This is such a beautiful story… by VANS presented a video, a while ago, called ‘Vans Presents Pass the Bucket with Crys Worley’.
Directed by Eliot Rausch

It’s the story of an incredibly strong and beautiful mum, Crys Worley, and her beautiful son Sasha.
He’s autistic. He’s a nine year old boy, living in his own world
and everybody close around him is dealing with his special needs.
In this documentary you can see with which she’s struggled so much in the past
and what’s driven her to be so strong and passionate about her organization A.skate.

The thing that actually brought me to tears was
Crys telling that all she wanted was her son TO ACKNOWLEDGE HER …

Today, 1:88 kids are diagnosed with autism, from which 1:58 are boys.

With her organization A.skate she makes it possible for autistic children to open up
and be part of the social world through skateboarding.
And at the same time it’s therapy for the parents, because they feel like outkast.
And normally don’t know where to go. Now they do.
There are free clinics throughout the country (USA).
But her hope is to make it possible for all the autistic children in the whole wide world.
I support that and you can too. Go to A.skate and find out about this fantastic driven organization
to make our kids world more beautiful!

Please watch the video, which is so worth watching until the end… and HELP SUPPORT AUTISM!

I grew up with an autistic brother, I’m a mum and I also know what they give you back…
Pure little things who happen to be pretty big in life.
And I know the skateboarding scene, so I recognize a lot… and feel like I’m so proud of her and everybody involved…

I will post more about this, especially about Heartchild,
a documentary film made by Ben Duffy and Michael Sassano, chronicling the tireless work of Crys Worley and her charity, A Skate.
Check  out heartchildthemovie


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