Wood, waves and cool little dudes

SRFP-151000-CI11The upcoming October-Issue from SURFER mag(azine)
has one of ‘the-coolest-dudes-covers everrrr!!!!

An ‘awesome in every detail’, beautiful black & white photograph,
with 6 cool little dudes from a tiny isolated village in Indonesia.
Where they surf, unaware of the modern surf culture.

All you need is
some kind of board,
board shorts
and all will be awesome!

I really need this on picture on my wall,
to get a smile on my face every day.
And make me stay aware of the fact that
happiness and joy is in small, little things…

Indonesia, surfing,
cool little fellas and
black & white photography

Have yourself a wonderful day!
and at least enjoy the little things in life,
like they do!


Photography: Jason Childs
Source: SURFER magazine



Ukiyo-e931bd8145465078e2eb2b65b1388b624We’re so blessed living in a country,
where we can drink from the tap.
Although we are very aware…,
sometimes it gives us a better feeling
to do something which will really make a difference,
instead of just being aware.

Well I know someone who’ve made that first step.
My cool bellaah surfing friend Liesje (Liselotte Brand).
An amazing lady who is making the difference.
She decided to become a CWC, a Clean Water Courier & fundraiser.

A busy working mama, very creative and very aware…
of what she’s eating, the way she’s living her life
and how she can help the world.

Her cool family, skating longbearded hubby
and two amazing daughters (15 and 5 years old)
are the most important to her!
But she loves to travel, visit festivals
and spending time with her best friends too.

Well, the cool thing is that she will travel to Bali this summer
with her coolio’s and the grandparents.
And she found a way to feel good about that.
Something which will make a difference.

A wonderful organization, Waves for Water,
that aims to provide access to clean drinking water for every human
is ‘the family’ she has joined.

Clean Water Couriers (CWC’s),
like Lies, are everyday people, travellers like you
inspired by the Waves For Water Mission.
They do what they love and help along the way,
distributing filters to those in need around the globe.

If you would love to support a project like this,
concerning this intense world-water-problem,
Liesje’s fundraising ‘BALI NEEDS CLEAN WATER’,
is a very cool, ‘make a difference’ suggestion.
Plus you will make ‘the cool heads’ incredibly happy ; )
We have a big heart for Bali and their citizens.

Another great suggestion, for Lies and other travelling coolio’s,
when you’re visiting Bali…
There’s an amazing inspiring project called
We wrote a big article about this, almost two years ago.
Worth to take surf lessons
(big donation from that
goes to Soul Surf Project Bali straight away)…
and pay a visit to their (THE!) FIRST ECO SURFSHOP!

Proud of all the lovely people in the world!

Source: Hokusai (1760-1849), Liselotte Brand.

A #massive #thankyou #tapwater

Wereldwaterdag_dankjewelToday it’s #worldwaterday!
A day to be very very grateful for all the clean,
available and affordable water we just can get out of our tap at home.
#lucky us! That’s why today we say #thankyou #bigtime!


Because of this Dutch initiative we will go on
in Dutch one time (sorry guys).


 Vandaag is het WERELD WATER DAG!
Een dag om eens stil te staan bij de luxe die wij hebben.
Schoon, toegankelijk en betaalbaar drinkwater.
En zelfs het BESTE TAPWATER van de wereld!

Iedere keer als wij op reis gaan beseffen we het weer extra…
Temeer omdat we dan weer plastic flesjes water (moeten) gaan kopen
en dan denk ik allereerst… nog meer plastic afval.
Er worden gemiddeld 500.000 plastic flesjes per dag
weggegooid alleen al in ons kleine kikkerlandje.
Can you believe it?

In het buitenland denk ik vooral als eerste;
“want wat een smerig water komt er hier uit de kraan.”
“Ik neem geen risico voor mijn kids.”
Helaas kan niet iedereen dat zeggen.
De grote groep die niet zoveel geluk heeft,
neemt wel het risico,
want ze hebben net als wij vocht nodig om te overleven…
Met alle gevolgen van dien.

Er zijn bijzonder veel fantastische initiatieven die we kunnen steunen,
zodat we kunnen zorgen dat dit in de toekomst voor iedereen
mogelijk moet kunnen worden. Schoon drinkwater.


En plastic de wereld uit…

Laten we dan vandaag beginnen met eerst #DANKJEWEL
te zeggen, te uiten, te sharen…
voor het bijzonder mooie feit dat wij hier gezegend zijn
met overheerlijk drinkwater!
Aan huis geleverd! Kraantje open, hoppa!
Lucky lucky us!


P.s. Even om te lachen clip  + #dankjewelvoordrinkwater


#TBT all-time-favourite coolness no.5

6d9a4c3593704c46ac902cf2c8572eb1One of my all-time favourite commercials everrrrr…
is this one from Sony Bravia. Colour “like.no.other”

250.000 bright-colored bouncy rubber balls
bouncing down a San Francisco street.
The most amazing thing is that it’s not computer animated.

For us it stands for #nowords #stunning
#crazyness #whoopwhoop
Incredible difficult project to produce
I always thing… how?

The image I’ll remember the most,
is the frog jumping out of a drainpipe
with all the bouncy balls jumping around too.

Directed by the master: Nicolai Fuglsig

p.s. More ‘we just love it’ you’ll find here.

We’re LIVE!!!





Yesterday-evening was a big thing for us…
Our store
THE COOL HEADS  ‘the contemporary boys store’
went LIVE!

We’re very proud of all the brands we’ve collected.
They’re very inspiring… And they’re so beautiful together!
More brands are on their way.

Write about it and create something really beautiful together.
Just have a look here!
And shop ’til you drop or just being inspired! : )

A big thanks to MY LITTLE DRESS UP,
for making our boys look stunning!!!!!

Photography: thecoolheads.com

Maddie rules!





088330f696386b2e3aee716815d70e30 tumblr_n0y55kjnvm1r9164to1_500We have to be honest! We don’t like mondays…
Especially when there’s autumn weather in August…

But then there’s MADDIE!
famous as
The coolest dog on the planet with her cool creative down-to-earth boss,
Theron Humphrey, who happen to be a great photographer.

Every picture of Maddie makes us laugh big time!
It’s so funny and amazing that she’s so cooperative…
Really crazy stunts…, she makes them look like
it’s the most normal thing you do as a dog.
We’re following them on IG for a quite some time…
and every new picture is worth to wait for.

And make this boring Monday a FUN-day!

Photography: Theron Humphrey

the fableists cool : finn

You have to watch this… you will love it!

A wonderful 2 minute brand film from great kidsbrand
where they bring you an important message at the end.
Beautifully shot in de streets of (East) London.
Wonderful eight year old skateboard phenomenon Finnian Rocillo-Martin
is having the leading role in this.

Established commercial director Olivier Venturini‘s idea,
is to create a series of films about kids all over the world
– The Fableists –
to highlight their talents and passions,
as well as what drives them.

Just watch it!

p.s. Watch more of this very cool Finn dude here.

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