Wood, waves and cool little dudes

SRFP-151000-CI11The upcoming October-Issue from SURFER mag(azine)
has one of ‘the-coolest-dudes-covers everrrr!!!!

An ‘awesome in every detail’, beautiful black & white photograph,
with 6 cool little dudes from a tiny isolated village in Indonesia.
Where they surf, unaware of the modern surf culture.

All you need is
some kind of board,
board shorts
and all will be awesome!

I really need this on picture on my wall,
to get a smile on my face every day.
And make me stay aware of the fact that
happiness and joy is in small, little things…

Indonesia, surfing,
cool little fellas and
black & white photography

Have yourself a wonderful day!
and at least enjoy the little things in life,
like they do!


Photography: Jason Childs
Source: SURFER magazine


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