Green in da house!

TCH_Let-it-grow_Green_festivalA GREEN & SUNNY SUNDAY
it will be tomorrow in Amsterdam!

First of all, our sunny friend will show up,
as promised by the weather-boys-and-girls…
And even though there won’t be some sparkling sunlight,
there for sure will be a

On Sunday, April 2nd, Let it Grow‘s
GREENHOUSE FESTIVAL! will take place
in our city Amsterdam!Daniel Sutjahjo & Joost van Uden, oprichters van Pikaplant Inspiratie - Jin Ahn, oprichter van plantenzaak Conservatory Archives in Londen. Foto doorJake Kenny 2Experience firsthand how plants, flowers and green technologies
are being used to shape happier and healthier cities.

You will find the gathering of many talented innovators,
architects, artists, chefs and tech entrepreneurs.
Specialized in urban green.
Using plants and flowers to improve our lives.

Your ‘dreams-of-a-greenhouse’
and ‘moodboards-on-pinterest’ can come to life…
Inspiring to the max! Out of your comfort zone!
For free people! Bring friends & family!

For sure you’ll come back feeling enriched,
inspired and very eager to get your hands dirty!

Source: Anouk Vogel  (through IG Let it Grow).
Valentina Vos, Jake Kenny

p.s. More boys-and-green-inspiration at our green in da house!

NYC sunshine swag!

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Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Agatha Cub… from NYC!

Creative director, lovely Bianca Reis,
is the creator behind this beautiful refined cool brand.
Launched in 2013 already!

With two cool dudes [ her nephews ]
as her inspiration and her background in fashion
she has created a gorgeous, very contemporary and fashionable style.
With a very ‘own identity’.
High quality, sustainable and ethically made.

We can blabla about all the details,
but we think with just taking a closer look,
it says more then words does.

It’s so beautifully well-made!
Inside and outside have different prints.
Typical AC!

Today, their Spring Summer 16 collection
‘BOTANICALS’ is launching as you’ve just found out ; )
Taking a look at the stunning shots.

Beautiful, VERY COOL & a big wanna have…
Every item is strong and unique, because of,
for sure, the amazing prints and strong forms.
So if you wear just a piece of AC with a basic,
the boys will still shine big time!

Button down’s, sweaters, comfy pants and shorts.
The longer tees with different prints are already a favourite.
But actually we can’t choose…
From the ‘bunny black’ we want it all!

Available in all the cool stores from today on!
Like a few of our favourites,
where you can actually try it on;
Charlotte’s KID Antwerp and Anne’s TINY store Berlin

Dream with us about SPRING & SUMMER,
go and check the whole collection.
Sold out in a bit, is our prediction ; )


All images are from Agatha Cub’s lookbook.

p.s. We always try to show you just the dudes-stuff,
but how can we not show you the girls in their coolest outfits?
So just a glimpse, because we can’t resist!


Wood, waves and cool little dudes

SRFP-151000-CI11The upcoming October-Issue from SURFER mag(azine)
has one of ‘the-coolest-dudes-covers everrrr!!!!

An ‘awesome in every detail’, beautiful black & white photograph,
with 6 cool little dudes from a tiny isolated village in Indonesia.
Where they surf, unaware of the modern surf culture.

All you need is
some kind of board,
board shorts
and all will be awesome!

I really need this on picture on my wall,
to get a smile on my face every day.
And make me stay aware of the fact that
happiness and joy is in small, little things…

Indonesia, surfing,
cool little fellas and
black & white photography

Have yourself a wonderful day!
and at least enjoy the little things in life,
like they do!


Photography: Jason Childs
Source: SURFER magazine


Handsome Leo & the palmleaves

TCH_leopard_1_jallundtoftaThis is our favourite corner in our home right now.
The Cole & Son‘s Palmleaves wallpaper, we have for years…
brightens up our life, haha…
The golden pineapple from our all-time favourite
neighbourhood want-to-have-it-all-store Pol’s Potten
is a real eye-catcher
and Mr. ‘HANDSOME’ Leopard, the coolest!
…are shining together
in that particular part of our livingroom.

We know this season it’s all about pineapple’s,
(palm)leaves and tropical styles,
so we could easily be bored here,
but we feel like it’s about the way you use and dress it…

For sure, handsome ‘Leo’ will make it different and cool.
Matching perfectly!

TCH_leopard_2_jallundtoftaThis wannahave wall-coolness is from
the Berlin-based brand Jäll & Tofta.
Designed by 5 year old Jasper Dannenfeldt, the son of this designer-duo.
Can you believe it? Whoop whoop!

A brand for cool, stylish interior & wannahaves for kids.
All ecological or very carefully selected materials.

Great example:
Leopold is printed climate-neutrally with organic ink
on 170g/m2 paper „Mundoplus Recycling Offset“.

The designs are:
All colorful yet not too bright.
(Personally very fond of colors with a bit of greytones).
All not taken too seriously… in style…
With the cherry on the cake:
the coolest package design!

So, if you feel it…, just check the whole collection:

Mister Moustache Mobile Gold, Mister Magic Mobile
& the Hatschi-hooks are also available in our store!



‘crab’ the coolest!

TCH_krabwantjes.1*TCH_krabwantjes*TCH_krabwantjes.2*Last monday I’ve just paid a very quick visit
to the Dutch Kidsfair Kleine Fabriek.
Very glad I did! ; )

So with very little time,
I immediately “ran” to ‘the center-court’.
The HTNK-area, where you’re sure
you can meet all the cool
small independent brands.
“The inspiring-area” ; )

Well, besides lovely other brands,
which I will write about asap,
we found out about Swearhouse.
The brand of a lovely,
Rotterdam based, designers-couple
with beautiful (eco) baby-gear.
Very graphic, but in a sophisticated way.
Very contemporary cool. Lovely colors!
Beautiful (eco) fabrics.

And we immediately fell in love with
called “krabwantjes” (so funny in Dutch).
Translated in English to “scratch mitts”,
which basically says what it is.
But if you speak Dutch, you know it’s pretty brilliant!

Next month we will sell this great design too,
in our own shop!
And if you’re in a big hurry,
you can go and visit the designer’s shop…,
to get you a pair.
And make sure you get the coolest gift
for friends and family with a newborn
or toddler.



Little Lions…




TCH_lion_of_leisure_bag TCH_lion_of_leisure_baby.5

TCH_lion_of_leisure_baby.2LION OF LEISURE…,
the cool kidsbrand from Antwerp,
asked us again to do their photoshoot…
This time for the BABY-collection.

We loooooooooveddddddddd it!
You have to know, we’re always in the middle of
3 and 11 year old dudes.
And to be honest,
with cute little babies
we always become incredibly soft.
Yelling…. “ssssssooooo cuteeeeeee”…
“too adorable”… and
(I couldn’t found a similar translation for
our Dutch sentence:) “om op te eten”.

These adorable little tiny mini’s were shining
in front of my camera, doing a wonderful job.
They are only 8, 15 and 18 months old.
Can you believe it? Little heroes!

This collection is considered non-seasonal. Which we love!
A few times a year Lion of Leisure comes up
with a new print and an additional humorous text.
Every tee is handprinted carefully and lovingly.

At the shoot we saw a few
new very cool illustrations already.
We assume they will present that
at Playtime Paris at the end of this month.

Their baby collection is in soft grey,
soft blue, beautiful red and off-white.
Always with the cool , already well-known,
detailed, whimsical illustrations of animals.
With funny graphics like: “wait for me” (elephant),
“today could be a bit wobbly” (giraffe),
“show me the milk” (lamb),
“I can fly” (pinguin), “crack!” (Chimp).
The combination of image and text makes it hilarious.
In 3 sizes from 6-18 months.

Lion of Leisure is always delivering these
cool tees in the re-usable 100% pure cotton bag.
A lovely gift from the designers.

We think this is one of the must-haves-gifts
for birth or B-days ,
which will always
put a smile on someone’s face.

Check it out here,
But we will keep you posted anyway!


Is it a mouse? Is it a bird?




A cool, Rotterdam based, brand for every happy stylish person.
Grown ups (well…? haha!) and kids!

We’ve met the ‘very cool’ owner and designer Mietze
in 2013 at the Dutch kidsfair Kleine Fabriek.
At the best spot of this fair, the HTKN-one day shop.

We love her collections.
The shape of the clothes are archetypisch…
something we feel very connected with.
Sweaters, tees, cool pants…

Every season the prints and colors and print techniques do change.
The forms will stay.

While designing, she did a lot of print technique research
and ‘the big search’ to the best printable sweater everrrrr…

She didn’t found it yet,
…so she decided to design and produce ‘that one single great sweater’ herself.
Mausbird’s own sustainable contemporary sweater,
One you can wash a hundred times and it still will be a beauty.
One you can wear every day.
One who’s really nice for our world,
produced in a humane environment
and no child labour!



One we would love to wear every day!
We know for sure!

All she needs is a bit of support to start with.
Only 150 sweaters need to be sold in advance,
to make it possible to start…
And the real cool thing is that when they can finally start,
you will get a  handprinted amazing sweater by choice of their range.

Please support cool lovely Mietze & MAUSBIRD,
in this great idea, through crowdfunding
and let the magic begin…

A MAUSBIRD is for everyone, always and forever!

Thanks big time!


Our heart goes boom…









THE FABRICS…TCH_wolf_rita_aw14:15.3

THE MODELS…TCH_wolf_rita_antonio_u


… BOOM……the AW14 collection of Portugese Wolf & Rita…
… it’s a contemporary boys fairytale.

Inspired by fast vintage cars, music from the 50’s and the early blues.

An amazingly cool happy surprise
after the crisp clean looks of this summer (which we adore)…
The way it should be… looking forward to a newer collection…
What did they come up with now… like we can unpack our X-mas-gifts as a kid
and it will always be a pleasant surprise.

A year ago we fell secretly in love with this brand.
The fabrics, the prints, the shapes…
Last month we had a première-experience…
touching their fabrics, take a closer look at the shapes,
while meeting WOLF & RITA at Playtime Paris.

How wonderful!

It’s all about the details.
Their sense for great style.
Minimalistic forms becoming great
with their choice of fabrics.
It’s sophisticated with a classical twist
and yet very contemporary in style.
The finest fabrics are always locally outsourced.
So the tag 100% made in Portugal is their proof of quality
and their support to the local community. Beautiful.

And for parents to choose an adequate shirt for their boys,
like one we would choose ourselves,
in cotton, the softest portuguese flannel,
special washed denim, shiny lurex
and even synthetic leather details…
very well made manufactured,
contemporary stylish
and with a ‘green’ heart…
That looks like a fairytale.

It’s not…
and you’re there!

nós o amamos!!!

p.s. and a big compliment to the photographer!

Photography: Wolf & Rita

Cool dudes (& dudettes)

Microsoft Word - Document1Tadaaaaaaa….
We present you…
our work for cool Antwerp brand
Lion of Leisure

Their cool girls and our dudes
featuring in their little campaign,
photographed by us.

We personally love these picture of our dudes,
because that’s how we know them.
And because we write about boys…
But you have to check out the lovely
LION girls,
they’re cool and yes also very cute!

That’s what we like about this brand.
It’s for both boys and girls.
It’s handprinted
And it’s eco-friendly!

Check it out here or here
Where we wrote about these cool tees, softies and tote-bags.

Have yourself a great holiday!



sleeping coolness

Tomorrow MINI RODINI HOME will launch their brand new collection
of what we call: ‘sleeping coolness’.
The follow up after their launch of home-styles.
in september last year.

What we really like about this collection is that they use
the prints and fabrics from their former collections.
So they upcycle and make this in a way real wannahaves!

If your a big fan of their clothing styles already,
how cool is it to have a ‘collage of those prints and fabrics’ on your kid’s bed?
100% organic and upcycled, so what more do we want…

So one night of sleep away, the  collection will be exclusively available,
only in Mini Rodini stores and on

Sweet dreamszzzzzzzzzzz…

p.s. we’re big SLEEPING COOLNESS fans and
collect inspiration for you… Check it out.


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