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knip-je-eigen-beesten_loes-riphagen_coverWe are big fans
of Dutch Illustrator LOES RIPHAGEN‘s book
‘Trunk for the Nose’
or in Dutch ‘ Bij de neus genomen’.


That book is illustrated by a cutting paper (collage) technique,
which makes ‘the jungle’ becoming alive.
Actually for us it is art…
The cover of the book is open and looks like a showbox…
A black cover with the title in gold.
Really awesome and very unique!

As a follow up she’d made
which is something like

A booklet where she is teaching you
how to create a beautiful paper cut animal yourself.
In very easy steps with examples.
And if you will make a version on your own,
she will be delighted when you send her a picture.
Well, we will Loes : )

So obviously we’ve ordered this ourselves,
as we have a creative dude at home
and we are big fans of her work.

But this will be a great gift for birthdays,
Xmas or just creative days with the kids anyway.


 Images: /

Dancing Shoes

tch_frankeysue_1It’s no secret we have some favourite stores…
Even though we prefer to stay independent…
It is hard as some stores have it all and we fell a bit in love.

So we thought let’s share…

Starting with…

For this BEAUTY we wished we had a baby in the house.
We’ve tried to fit these at our 5-year-old…
But it didn’t work out ; )
So maybe we just put it in a glass bell and stare at it.
tch_frankeysue_4tch_frankeysue_3So if you can…, BUY IT! You really won’t regret it…
These dancing shoes of BIRDS OF NATURE



2014-11-17a22-01-232014-11-17a22-06-072014-11-17a22-02-302014-11-17a22-07-27Just because we LOVE these images!
Every time we see them it still makes us smile!

Even though ‘the face’ doesn’t smile… we just love ‘him’!
It is touching and so sweeeeeettt!!!
And the way
‘two eyes, 3 stripes of hair and one stripe as a mouth’
can make it instantly a character. That is so cool!

The lovely face is from LE TRAIN FANTOME

The series is from the blog of Aurélie Lécuyer, Le Dans La!
Aurélie is a talented photographer and stylist from France.
So we just want to show you something
which could make you just SMILE today!

Have a wonderful day!

Credits: Le Dans La by Aurélie Lécuyer

#wannahave no.1

331604-f5d1f3e195a84bf8acf50702588e5a94331604-7190c496529e447bb7b21b57b8b397dd-510x600This PANDA POSTER of artist & illustrator
is one on top of our wishlist!
Because in a way you just see forms,
which makes a face.
But in detail it’s sooooooo good!!!!
Minimalistic and yet not detached at all!

And then the colours!
We have a big preference for
the ‘powderpink’ in our boys home.
Maybe because I need
a little bit of girlyness somewhere.
So this would be a thoughtful
pink detail in the house.
Absolutely gorgeous!
Big wannahave!

You can go to the artist’s website
HANNA KONOLA, but sold out already…
Or go to the store of my COOL friends
(online or offline)
and be as fast as you can.

You really want this!

Credits: Hanna Konola

denim dude & cool hat

look-24Stella McCartney Kids is doing it again…

Denim from her kidscollection AW16
is a big wannahave, yes a #wannahave!
Sounds greedy and suddenly we become greedy…
#not #us #but #have #a #closer #look #at #it…
#youwillunderstand ; )

Badges and denim together makes it instantly COOL!
Her brand is great with badges…
(We’re still enjoying the sweater with the smilies from SS15).
And then the metal zipper. Reminds me of my youth.

Denim is forever…!
You can sell it afterwards or make someone else happy with it.
Wearing it in a whole different way…
And it gets even better and therefore more beautiful with time.
Better for the world, eco-friendly, so everybody’s happy!

Have a lovely denim day!

Image: Stella McCartney Kids

P.s More DENIM DUDES or cool.HEAD.s

Olympic vibes

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-09 om 11.36.24Exactly one year ago I’ve met Vicky Wang,
designer and owner of incredibly inspiring ONCE,
for the first time in CPH (CIFF kids).
Introduced by Caroline Bosmans (thanks so much!)

At that time she was presenting her SS16 collection, sports inspired.
But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t planned to come up with this around the #olympics2016.
She’s not a marketingmachine.
She designs from the heart, very intuitive.

So for some real strong inspiration from a very talented unique designer,
you should follow her.
And she happen to be such a great happy humble personality.

And we very much recommends this brand,
which we met last month in Paris again
at our favourite KID-shows.
SS17 collection, oh boy… you will love it!

While we had to run to get our plane back home
(couldn’t leave this fair, too good, too lovely people),
I wanted to say goodbye to Vicky and who was in her booth?
The COOLEST Michelle Marshall.
(Yes this beautiful image of the cool dude is hers, for Wildling Magazine).
One of our absolutely favourite photographers and loveable persons!!!

And for us it made the circle round…

Once Boutique
Michelle Marshall for Wildlingmagazine

It’s like this YO…

How are you feeling today?Boys don’t talk that easy (when they’re 13)…
So in our home with this teenager,
it sometimes would be a big help
if we had some tools to start the conversation with,
the ones they want to avoid…

So here’s a brilliant friend to talk to, by just pointing out…


Illustrations by akvile magicdust

Vision #no.1

TCH_kid's_wear_coverBefore we even started with interest
in any kid’s stuff,
this magazine was already our favourite!

kid’s wear magazine
An out-of-the-box-thinker, full of art, photography, vision, kidsfashion.
Very conceptual but at the same time very accessible,
if you’re openminded towards art and different visions.
The creatives interpret, so they will have a lot of freedom we assume…
And that makes it such a strong concept.

After more then 20!!! years (1995)
it is still the number one magazine…
Get inspired and be surprised every single issue
by this intelligent and
incredibly (#jealousmaking #inaverygoodwaythough) talented ‘family’.

“The most beautiful magazine in the world!”
(Bruce Weber)

p.s. Achim Lippoth is our hero!

Illustration: Stefhany Epes Lozano




TCH_Keith_Negley.1Such a COOL BOOK for upcoming fathers day!
Or any other day…

Beautifully, simple and stylish illustrations
which actually don’t need a lot of words.
The story is like  a contemporary fairytale…
all will be fine…

An artist with a great sense of humor.
Colorful charming illustrations
which makes us talk about emotions,
with the kids, without making it heavy.

Check his other VERY COOL book too!
TOUGH GUYS (have feelings too).

All found on the amazing online store,
we follow for quite some time…,

Illustrations and cool words: Keith Negley

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