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What will it bring us?
One thing is for sure, we don’t know yet.
We can look back in a year and wonder…
Although we would love to talk
about what will happen, you never know it will.
It just happens or not, or something unexpected pops up.
(not always negative by the way…)

We had very difficult private times,
we don’t bother you with the details.
It is called life, it is called learning, it is called a process.
We can’t guide everything in our lives.
Some things will be unexpected and not always a pleasant one.
And sometimes you look back to the last year
and you think, in a way it was a good one.
We’ve learned a lot…

One important thing made really sense to me…
For a working mom with a lot of stress in her private life,
due to those personal circumstances,
it is really important to take time for yourself.
To make sure you are healthy and happy.
Then you can handle things much better.

I didn’t realize it all those years until now.

My time is regulated in a really nice way lately.
I found the best hangout for me in Amsterdam.


You have to know, I’m not a gym fit girl at all…
I really hate those regular sportclubs.
With all the men pumping up their bodies
and the girls in their perfect bodies,
which makes us jealous obviously… and want to run away.
Not motivated, also because it feels a bit shallow…
Just focussing on the outside.
You body is connected to your mind, to your brain
and I don’t want to look at someone in the mirror
who is training without feeling it, except the pain, haha!

BBB Health Boutique is a… BOUTIQUE , yes a ’boutique’,
which means it is personal and small…
where they approach your wishes in a holistic way.
It already sounded perfect to me, but had to find out first…
DOUBTS, because there are so many of them
and every owner believes in their own concept obviously,
but a lot of times it happens to be just a trend… a vision with the eyes on money making.

Everything is connected to everything in your body.
Your state of mind, the situations in your personal or working life.
You need a spot which grows with you…

This is a warm and lovely hangout where you can workout for
30 minutes, the secret is ‘the hot cabin’…
(the shortest most effective way of training).
An hour for a yoga or pilatesclass,
a chat with one of the coaches…
A tea or coffee and reading a magazine
or talking to the other lovely ladies you meet there.
I met my counselor there, and some creative independent working moms…
A nice mix of totally different women who are training…
Very inspiring!

Just for women of every age.
And in whatever ‘vibe’ you are in,
they will find the best program for that moment for you.
So if you need balance, or are a mama to be…
Or #thisisthebest; if you are a mama with a baby,
you can bring your baby to a special class.
Where you can workout
and have your baby in front of you…

So if you are looking for a healthy hangout in the Netherlands
(sorry foreign friends)
where you can be you, where they guide you
to a comfortable program,
where they coach you in a spontaneous way,
when you feel for it…
where you will feel at home…
This  is worth to book free class to try.

Yes, it is my time! 3 times a week,
a moment for me, myself and I.
And fore once I don’t feel guilty!

So please check I out if you feel like it!
Especially today, January 2nd…
It’s their 10th birthday today.
And they will treat you with something very cool!!!
(you have to know they never give discounts #lucky you)

If you would like to start at the health boutique this week.
Go to this link and you will get up to 90% discount
depending on the details,
so you only pay 10 euro’s for this January!


Images: thecoolheadsoninsta
Illustration: Alice Bowsher

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True Art Of Giving

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-01 om 10.21.34Last Friday, ‘the festive month of the year’ has started.
Something a lot of people are looking forward to.
Especially kids…
Obviously most of them will receive quite some gifts.
The lucky ones…

Sadly enough, there are way too many families
whose priority isn’t gifts or parties at all.
There’s where I  feel the story of ‘the little match girl’
by Hans Christian Andersen big time.
The very very unfair part…
Their primary and essential need is food and warm clothes.

Images we saw a lot over the years,
but what we don’t realize enough, that it is still going on.
And with this cold weather
we don’t want to think about
how it must feel to feel cold in a refugee camp,
where they arrived after a horrible journey.
Everything is better than that they were running from…
But if you have to decide to leave your roots an your country,
with your (little)kids, not knowing where you’re going,
that’s heartbreaking!

And the understandable reaction is to look away.
It’s too hard to see. But if we don’t do anything
how can the world cope with that?
And why do others have to fix this.
Stand together! Support the volunteers up there!

We think we have a really good suggestion of support
which might interest you…

An auction organized on Instagram,
because that particular IG-community
is strong and are aware and will response rapidly.
Founded by our cool friend Britt Hansen.

is a collective of brands, makers & shops
trying to master the art of giving this holiday season.

They’ve joined hands and are putting together
an auction
with all your favourite christmas gifts.

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They’ve started out with 15 people, but the collective
expanded in not even two weeks!
to 70 independent business owners who joined.

100% of this auction will be donated to @because_we_carry.
A hands on help organisation that really has our hearts.
They have been working on Lesvos, Greece since 2015.
Tirelessly helping refugees in every possible way.

The TRUE ART OF GIVING collective
would like to create some awareness
on how we spend our money during the holiday season.
In the Netherlands alone we have spend
13 billion euros on christmas in 2016…
…on gifts, fashion & extravagant diners.

It’s not the idea to judge you on how you celebrate your holidays.
But the collective would like to take a little spin on
how to spend those 13 billion and help others while we are at it.

We think it the best of both worlds!
Beautiful gifts from small businesses,
with a big heart for the environment
are available and selected for you.
And the total amount which will be raised,
will be donated 100% (yes yes!)
and will reach the families in need directly.

The first auction will take place this upcoming December 6th!.
Every item will be posted one by one at TRUE ART OF GIVING.
And believe us, it will fullfill all your christmas shopping dreams 😉

And the best thing…,
by even getting your hands on
a beautiful gift for Christmas…,
is THE GIFT OF GIVING, which is the best feeling.

So please share and make sure
we can give all the beautiful families in need,
as much as we can,
through the amazing team of
Tag along and start mastering the art of giving

Artwork by: Roos Mertens
Images are from the participating brands.

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PS. If you are a shop, brand, maker, dreamer, believer
and you want to be a part of this collective,
please email trueartofgiving@gmail.com

Acting and being…






We have something nice to share…

If you would love to be an actor
or model and you live
or will be in Amsterdam
on sunday, December 17th,

The chance to join A VERY COOL WORKSHOP
for kids between 9-16 years old…
Which will give you an insight
and (maybe) your first get-t0-know into these professions…
Hosted by the two cool and very talented PRO’s;
Actress Gaite Jansen and photographer Sarah van Rij.

Gaite and Sarah are two friends who’ve joined hands
to teach and guide you into their profession.
Because they think it’s important for kids
to learn about creativity and expressing themselves.

Actress Gaite will teach you how to improvise,
from pretending to be a fried egg (hahaha! love it…)
to more beautiful plays.
Acting is about how to present yourself,
express yourself and about collaboration.

Photographer Sarah will teach you how to present yourself
in front of a camera. She will shoot a castingphoto of each of you
and for the second photo, a bit more crazy, fun version…,
she will talk with you about how this one should look like and why?
With a moodboard of lovely images and portraits
of iconic models and actors/actresses,
you can choose one which appeals the most to you
and you will discuss that together.
It will help you to find out more about you,
your vision and your character.
I am sure it will make a much nicer picture of you,
in your own opinion,
because YOU CAN BE YOU. And that’s the best.

It will bring you to a bit of a deeper level of acting and modelling
instead of just the outside frame we always just see.
As a parent, I think that’s the best part of this workshop.
Getting to know yourself better
and I’m sure it wil make you stronger, wiser and more secure.

Go (and ask your) parents, book this workshop a.s.a.p.
The best Christmas present for your kid!

Credits: Beautiful illustration/typo:
through FFFFOUND
from Moiré
Mixed with details of the flyer of the workshop.

p.s.This is the dutch announcement of these lovely ladies.
You can follow them also at their FB-page to stay updated.



Brilliance no. 11


This photograph from the serie
for Kinfolk magazine,
is what we want on our wall!
Big time! It is contemporary and will be for ever…

Three boys , brothers, enjoying traveling together…
in an amazing Jaguar XJ
(ok, not themselves obviously),
acting incredibly funny…
brilliantly shot in black & white…

Smiles, memories and stories…

By the talented team:
Photography: Neil Bedford
Styling: Rachel Caulfield



We will keep it short:
Master the art of observing…

How amazing is this style?
Gorgeous colours, the shape of every piece is unique.
It looks archetype-ish (which we have a big heart for),
but in detail is it not. It is brilliant!
Created by an incredibly talented lady.

TAO, we are your fans!
The Animals Observatory is one of a kind
and therefore incredibly contemporary…
A kids brand who made us wish for grown-up-versions.
So no ‘mini-me’s’ / ‘mini-you’s’, but we,
the adults, want to copy the kids…
What word will that be? ‘Big mini’s’? ; )

Just check their website and scroll through all the collections.
Not only the newest. The older collections are so worth it!
It is timeless!

So if you fancy being more
just-be-you or
Study their designs…
You will understand why you have to get at least one piece!


Photography: The Animals Observatory

#stories : Surprise surprise! part one…

TCH_stories_Alpina_fietsen_5TCH_stories_Alpina_fietsen_4We love to tell stories. A lot of times we tell you all about the beauty of design,
the heart of something important or anything we feel we need to mention.
This time we would like to tell you our own story… Just a moment in our daily life…
Not to put ourselves in the center, but for sure this little dude…
As a metaphor for all the dudes growing up.

This boy will be 6 in two weeks! A big goal!
And with ‘entering a new chapter’ there belongs the best gift.
The gift of steps to independency!

And what’s beter to feel free, speeding up,
the wind through your hair, smiling…
YES! It’s CYCLING! The ultimate feeling we all grew up with.

And since we’re on a holiday in two weeks, we had to give this to him already.
Can’t bring THE GIFT unfortunately!TCH_stories_Alpina_fietsen_2 TCH_stories_Alpina_fietsen_1This cool ‘art piece’ made him dance!
A matt black BMX-ish brand new bike with gorgeous blue wheels…

But only a few minutes later he said, it’s quite big…
and the happiness, the magic, the wow
was gone for a moment.
Fear had taken over…

But we’ve tried to cycle and he loved it,
fighting his fear to fall or hurt himself.
It’s quite a big bike, 20 inch.
At the same time he felt the first signs of being big,
just trying over and over again.
Overcoming his fear, step by step…
We think he will be ready soon to feel that joy of independency.

So therefore we would love to take you on our journey;
‘his journey’ to become this big independent cyclist-dude!
Cycling around through his hometown.
Starting a beautiful memory he’s not aware of yet.

Have a wonderful weekend…
We will be outside for sure…
Keep you posted! #parttwo2

Photography: Kiki Kouthoofd for thecoolheads.com

This story is made possible by Alpina Fietsen,
The (YES!) Dutch bike brand for kids! Thank you so much!
We absolutely LOVE this, ‘selected by us’, Comet version!
It felt like we’ve received a handmade bike! AWESOME!!!

smart & cool

Every Tuesday I’ll get their newsletter.
The one I’m always looking forward to!
And every time I’m thrilled,
incredibly inspired and wished I came up with this.

a sample of smart & cool families


Contemporary families in which, when I look back, I grew up in too.
Parents with eye for detail, vision, design, vintage…
Things I took for granted maybe…


“They all share their unique vision
on how to harmonize family life and interior design.”

fanny-david-53-1070x642 fanny-david-38-520x fanny-david-35-1070x642

Beautiful photography and inspiring interviews.
You want to read, know about and find out every detail.

Something to look forward to,
in a world full of ‘fast forward’…
Where loads of images are jumping up and down
on your screen all day.

Instead, here… Just sitting down,
going nowhere, admiring the beautiful images
and the lovely inspiring stories.
I can go through this website for hours
even though I don’t have time for that at all.

A visual diary of design…

is that for most of what you see,
they’ve tried to find something likewise
or the exact version (yes!),
like that particular chair from the editorial,
a specific light or some gorgeous accessories.

And… even better… they’ve designed items themselves!m-b-4-1290x772

So because of a certain family with taste for design,
you will find your precious piece to spice up your home.
And you will get inspired by reading all the lovely stories
of the (mostly) creative or entrepeneur-ish owners.

Yes they happen to be real people,
and therefore it’s not a showroom
but the home of a family with a big heart for design.
And where they are allowed
to actually sit on that beautiful design couch,
drink from that handmade cup
and eat from that plate at that gorgeous table. ; )

My heart goes boom!

Thank you Constance Gennari! ; )
constance-gennari-10-3-1290x772Very happy you’ve followed your heart and started sharing your passion with us!

Photography: Constance Gennari & Eve Campestrini.

Brilliance no.10


Photography, capturing in one moment…
It is a profession.
I see a lot of people who are technically educated
but don’t have had the capability to capture ‘it’.
‘It’ is the magic, the moment, the vibe
plus the choice for film or postproduction.
You don’t need a lot of ingredients, but the right ones.
And talent!

Magic between model and photographer, working as a team.

Photographer Michelle Marshall and
model Sol  (Select Model Management London)
worked together more than once!
And the combination of those two
has create my favourite portraits.
The one I want on my wall.

Contemporary street, but also timeless.
Ingredients as #denim and # blackandwhitephotography
is something which will always get my attention.
But it needs to be really brilliant in every detail to want it on our
#thecoolheadscrib wall.

There’s such a silent beauty in it.

Sol reminds me also of my oldest son
who has not his age yet,
but is heading towards it and to an independent life.
Something I’m not always looking forward to,
letting him go, taking care of himself.
If I look at this portrait I know he will be fine.
#wishfulthinking and all maybe, but that doesn’t matter.

This portrait is telling me a story.
We are in that moment too.
I can look at it over and over again.
Never boring. That makes it brilliant!

Captured by the very talented Michelle Marshall
Eye for detail: Becky Seager
for Boys by Girls
Rising star: Sol 

Our Secret Car Crush

tumblr_oi4muc8BQh1rn1cuzo1_1280Growing up in a contemporary artistic family had many positive sides.
My parents were open minded, our big house had room for a swing
in the livingroom, a climbing wall, we could cycle through the house.
Not too many strict rules.

The girl and her brothers, at that age, had not many complains

Then the girl, me, became a teenager.
Besides by being embarrassed by my artist dad,
which I think is quite normal for a teenager…
I was embarrassed as well about some car choices
my parents made.
Can you imagine…

Volvo Amazon, 245 GL
Citröen HY, DS, 2CV
Rover  P5B 3.5 litre
Landrover Defender

Obviously not a very objective vision,
because they were cool
and later happen to be stunning wannahave-cars.
The main reason for this:
quite some time the car broke down while touring.
With that in the back of my mind
I’ve created an aversion against vintage cars.
Just wanted them to do the job,
by getting me somewhere.
Thanks dad!

But if you think my only wish is to just drive any car
which for sure would bring me from A to B,
then you’re wrong…
The interest in innovation, design
and the exterior looks is extremely big!
Much bigger. I have to admit.



Secret because I also grew up with values like
‘be kind to our planet’,
‘don’t be too greedy’… Share…
How can you admire a machine
which polutes the planet?
Car crush because I can really admire
a particular car design or car brand.
And then a little devil in my head says…
No, all no good for the planet.

You can understand I’m extremely happy
and thankful for the rise and shine of electric cars
at most of the car brands…
For sure for the heart we have for our planet…
but it also…
… makes me feel less guilty.

Even without the electric cars (being common yet),
the best of both worlds is
just writing about cars, test-driving
and writing reviews in my own way!
And not be the owner.
I can be objective in a good way.
Give a visual opinion.
Get input from the technical sides,
without boring you…
And photograph it in our own way too,
to make the story complete.

Cars which are just cool, beautiful, wannahaves
for yes ‘an independent woman with kids’, haha!
In contemporary pantone-colours. Hallelujah!

No, this is not shallow…
This is heart for design,
and innovation.
And… Freedom!

You have to drive them to football
or swimming lessons, to birthday parties
or to the grandparents anyway.
Eighter way I want to make quite sure
it is fast and getting me there,
looking contemporary beautiful.
And is just comfortable enough.

Comfortable as in
an automatic…
The luxury of a button or sensor
which opens the backdoor automatically
when you’re arriving with all the groceries…
Heavenly cool!

So, soon you can expect our first review ever
(we were able to test last november);
The MINI Cooper S ALL4 Clubman


Have a lovely weekend!
Driving or something ; )

Green Jaguar
Me & My Bentley

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