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What will it bring us?
One thing is for sure, we don’t know yet.
We can look back in a year and wonder…
Although we would love to talk
about what will happen, you never know it will.
It just happens or not, or something unexpected pops up.
(not always negative by the way…)

We had very difficult private times,
we don’t bother you with the details.
It is called life, it is called learning, it is called a process.
We can’t guide everything in our lives.
Some things will be unexpected and not always a pleasant one.
And sometimes you look back to the last year
and you think, in a way it was a good one.
We’ve learned a lot…

One important thing made really sense to me…
For a working mom with a lot of stress in her private life,
due to those personal circumstances,
it is really important to take time for yourself.
To make sure you are healthy and happy.
Then you can handle things much better.

I didn’t realize it all those years until now.

My time is regulated in a really nice way lately.
I found the best hangout for me in Amsterdam.


You have to know, I’m not a gym fit girl at all…
I really hate those regular sportclubs.
With all the men pumping up their bodies
and the girls in their perfect bodies,
which makes us jealous obviously… and want to run away.
Not motivated, also because it feels a bit shallow…
Just focussing on the outside.
You body is connected to your mind, to your brain
and I don’t want to look at someone in the mirror
who is training without feeling it, except the pain, haha!

BBB Health Boutique is a… BOUTIQUE , yes a ’boutique’,
which means it is personal and small…
where they approach your wishes in a holistic way.
It already sounded perfect to me, but had to find out first…
DOUBTS, because there are so many of them
and every owner believes in their own concept obviously,
but a lot of times it happens to be just a trend… a vision with the eyes on money making.

Everything is connected to everything in your body.
Your state of mind, the situations in your personal or working life.
You need a spot which grows with you…

This is a warm and lovely hangout where you can workout for
30 minutes, the secret is ‘the hot cabin’…
(the shortest most effective way of training).
An hour for a yoga or pilatesclass,
a chat with one of the coaches…
A tea or coffee and reading a magazine
or talking to the other lovely ladies you meet there.
I met my counselor there, and some creative independent working moms…
A nice mix of totally different women who are training…
Very inspiring!

Just for women of every age.
And in whatever ‘vibe’ you are in,
they will find the best program for that moment for you.
So if you need balance, or are a mama to be…
Or #thisisthebest; if you are a mama with a baby,
you can bring your baby to a special class.
Where you can workout
and have your baby in front of you…

So if you are looking for a healthy hangout in the Netherlands
(sorry foreign friends)
where you can be you, where they guide you
to a comfortable program,
where they coach you in a spontaneous way,
when you feel for it…
where you will feel at home…
This  is worth to book free class to try.

Yes, it is my time! 3 times a week,
a moment for me, myself and I.
And fore once I don’t feel guilty!

So please check I out if you feel like it!
Especially today, January 2nd…
It’s their 10th birthday today.
And they will treat you with something very cool!!!
(you have to know they never give discounts #lucky you)

If you would like to start at the health boutique this week.
Go to this link and you will get up to 90% discount
depending on the details,
so you only pay 10 euro’s for this January!


Images: thecoolheadsoninsta
Illustration: Alice Bowsher

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