#tbt beautiful boy

c7f2d607c8635e83b82883c633ea43e9John Lennon is looking absolutely stylish,
here with his ‘cool dude’ son Sean… “stripes forever”!
What a BEAUTIFUL lovely image!

Yesterday I’d heard
this beautiful song BEAUTIFUL BOY
for the first time… #yes #shameonme.

Sorry, blame my parents… : )
I grew up with The Stones, Bowie & Captain Beefheart.

Nevertheless, this song represents BOYS, ‘the dudes’ and
‘the thoughts of us’, parents, … the way we feel about their childhood.

Thank you sir John for your amazing legacy!

Source: Magpie57

#tbt coolness no.7

e104faa4f9fa72057293550c9d5fdd28How much we like/love/adore images like this.
An image which could be shot today,
…well on polaroid…obviously…
styling wise…

For weeks I’m searching for the right shoes for each of the boys.
And although there are many very cool contemporary flashy
Nike Roshe One, Nike Free, Etnies Scout, Vans Iso 1.5…
We visually LOOVVEEE the VANS old skool.
Always and forever… A classic!

So this #tbt image will suit us today!
Going to the beach, holiday vibes…


Source: manrepeller

#tbt coolness no.4

f8ddee1f43c9cbbddc27e23f7b7c6bdeTwo astronauts made a spacewalk yesterday,
very very impressive…!!!

Well… you have to know…
45 years ago, two boys,
were standing with their feet on the ground,
being… amazingly cool! ; )

Boys in a Glasgow back court show off their Christmas presents,
which include astronaut suits and Space Hoppers.
1970. From the Century of the Child, MoMA.

Check more Space Cowboys here.

Source: Century of the Child


Milk & Biscuits AW14 CampaignSometimes it is so nice to start the day with
a great coffee and HAPPY PINNING.
Slowly get your engine running…
And then suddenly it hits you,
a stunning picture which we definitely would love to share.

It’s from cool photographer Michelle Marshall.
(Check her work, it’s great!)
A photobooth-shoot she did for Milk and Biscuits.
And we LOOOOVE this one!
The photobooth-ish colors, the cool funny dude and the great sweatshirt!
Don’t take it all too seriously… especially with boys… you know… ; )
This image represents that!

Happy day y’all!

Photography: Michelle Marshall
Thanks Celina Bailey!

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