A little tribute to Mr. Bill

TCH_tribute_mr._Bill.2*BILL CUNNINGHAM,
the legend happy brilliant fashion photographer from NYC.
Famous in his blue french worker jacket…
(or blue winterjacket or blue raincoat)
Cycling through Manhattan (midtown/downtown)…
Photographing all the brilliant details of fashion.
Always waiting for the next fashion statement
to come around the corner!

He has an incredible eye for detail
and is very humble in his acknowledgment of his talent.
“It’s just on the street, it’s not me!”
he said in the wonderful documentary
you really have to watch!
After watching this you’ll wish you’ve had met him in real life!

His quotes are as brilliant as his work…
“He who will seeks beauty will find it!”
We can totally relate to that…
It sounds so simple, but you have to have an eye for that.

Sadly this brilliant inspiring Mr. Cunningham,
past away June 25th… at the age of 87.
Working 40 years for the NY times.
How sad they all must feel right now… : (

Well, we’re feeling blue as well…
Even without knowing him personally…
That’s what legends do…

So, some inspiration for the dudes…
In loving memory of

All images in this moodboard are from
/ Suusies / Aurélie Lecuyer /
/ Sarah Woodrow – smäm /
/ Tokyobike / the fableists /

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