From Holland with Love! Buggy to-go!

TCH_bag-to-the-future_buggy-to-goHow much we love the warm hearts of initiatives and their volunteers!
The girls from BAG TO THE FUTURE had a wonderful idea last year,
by collecting backpacks for the refugee-kids at the Méditerranean.
Full with love, dreams, joy & happiness.
To at least get a little smile on their face.
They had left everything and had horrible circumstances
before they’d finally arrived in Lesbos.
Such a heartwarming initiative from the girls!

The reality right now is that the amount of refugees
is growing every day. And we’re all waiting for the EU-decisions,
as we speak. Afraid for what it will be.

Bag to the Future got the urgent request from their Breakfastclub partners
(at Moria/Lesbos, Sjanet Heins en Elly Bens)
for something very essential and very much needed …. BUGGY’s!
We can’t even imagine you have to carry your kids, above two years old,
without a carry-bag or let them walk through the horrific journey.
And most of the time they’re traveling with more than one child.

So here is our request to you!
Do you have a BUGGY left which is comfortable enough
to travel with them on their heavy journey to a better life?
So the kids can sleep, stay warm while traveling
and the parents can breathe a little bit.

A big preference for ‘the EasyWalker with the big wheels versions’ though.
As you can imagine, it’s needed on tracks with sand and snow.
HERE you will find all the info where to drop of the buggy’s etc.,
the girls keep you posted with the latest updates
and you can communicate through FB with them.

If you don’t have a buggy left but you would like to donate one,
they’re just 25 euro’s, then donate the amount to:
Stichting Bag To The Future: NL34INGB0007102039 t.a.v Buggy to Go

Come on lovely parents, grandparents or other big-hearted people…


Illustration: Gwenaelle Glotin

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