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The dude can’t wait, for some reason….
(it’s not a tradition in our country)
So we’ve ordered a skeleton-costume…
#whyohwhy… : [

There is so much inspiration we’ve seen the last few weeks,
and we could have easily made something…
but #wedidnot

At least we can share this with you,
just in case you’re still searching for
some ‘contemporary cool for the dudes’.

number one!
An AWESOME costume for halloween!
PAC-MAN… After the oldskool cool movie
#backtothefuture, we’re in the #oldskool #vibe…
from The Effortless Chic Blog,
Photography by Emily Morgan,
DIY by Kathlene Linehan.

number two!
A  skull-pompom. What a big contrast.
We’re not scared here,
so as big hero’s in the dark (NOT!)
we can use a few sweethearts from the always inspiring

number three!
This cool family, MINOR DE:TALES, nailed it!
It’s the perfect costume for us!
The william-wow-hoodie
from BangbangCPH,
Munsterkids pants
and the classic VANS
You only need some cool clothes
(so you can still wear it after this party)
and a skateboard (… only if you can ride it…).

And if you are #thelastminutetypeofparentlikeweare
here’s some help from last year.


yes we can!


The last few weeks we felt really uncomfortable
watching the sad images from around the Mediterranean.
All the refugees running from their awful heartbreaking situation.
Where they even try the most dangerous ways to get away.

First it just hits you, but you go on with your daily life.
Thinking about the refugees
and it makes you aware of how lucky you are!
But then you can’t let it go anymore,
seeing all the parents running with their kids.

And then the worst possible;
the images of drowned children.
It left the world in shock.
Thinking about their parents.
Their circumstances, that every minute counts…

We have to do something. YES WE CAN!

The citizens of Europe are standing up,
not waiting for the government to do something.
The time is ticking…

We avoid all the negativism of scared,
frustrated, cynical people.
The refugees with their kids can’t help it…
In the worst situation you can’t ever imagine,
it’s awful when people are aggressive and hostile.

We want to help, because it’s HUMAN!

And it feels awesome that we don’t wait and do nothing,
But joining great initiatives like this one;

Something we can do with our kids.
To teach them, make them aware.
A small gesture,
but that will make the child in need
HAPPY for a while.
To give them something for themselves.

If you want a bigger change,
you can always support
by donating and signing
and joining
these wonderful initiatives,
which really saves lives
or make it at least saver!



Ukiyo-e931bd8145465078e2eb2b65b1388b624We’re so blessed living in a country,
where we can drink from the tap.
Although we are very aware…,
sometimes it gives us a better feeling
to do something which will really make a difference,
instead of just being aware.

Well I know someone who’ve made that first step.
My cool bellaah surfing friend Liesje (Liselotte Brand).
An amazing lady who is making the difference.
She decided to become a CWC, a Clean Water Courier & fundraiser.

A busy working mama, very creative and very aware…
of what she’s eating, the way she’s living her life
and how she can help the world.

Her cool family, skating longbearded hubby
and two amazing daughters (15 and 5 years old)
are the most important to her!
But she loves to travel, visit festivals
and spending time with her best friends too.

Well, the cool thing is that she will travel to Bali this summer
with her coolio’s and the grandparents.
And she found a way to feel good about that.
Something which will make a difference.

A wonderful organization, Waves for Water,
that aims to provide access to clean drinking water for every human
is ‘the family’ she has joined.

Clean Water Couriers (CWC’s),
like Lies, are everyday people, travellers like you
inspired by the Waves For Water Mission.
They do what they love and help along the way,
distributing filters to those in need around the globe.

If you would love to support a project like this,
concerning this intense world-water-problem,
Liesje’s fundraising ‘BALI NEEDS CLEAN WATER’,
is a very cool, ‘make a difference’ suggestion.
Plus you will make ‘the cool heads’ incredibly happy ; )
We have a big heart for Bali and their citizens.

Another great suggestion, for Lies and other travelling coolio’s,
when you’re visiting Bali…
There’s an amazing inspiring project called
We wrote a big article about this, almost two years ago.
Worth to take surf lessons
(big donation from that
goes to Soul Surf Project Bali straight away)…
and pay a visit to their (THE!) FIRST ECO SURFSHOP!

Proud of all the lovely people in the world!

Source: Hokusai (1760-1849), Liselotte Brand.

KINGS all over the place!


The sun is shining, the weather is sweet….
Today we celebrate KINGSDAY in our country.
The best celebration ever… so, go meet & greet!

Especially for kids. You can sell your (not the) cool(est) stuff
or just buy really cool wannahaves.
Just for a few eurocents.
In Amsterdam there are many spots to go to
with your (little) dudes (& dudettes).

Well, there are three area’s you would really like to visit:
1. Hogeweg-Bredeweg-area (Watergraafsmeer). East-side.
It’s like you will enter a nice village. Music, food and lots of things to buy.
The coolest place for the whole family ; )
2. Artis. Just on the new square at the gorgeous ZOO,
there will be a market where the kids sell their stuff. (9:00-13:00)
3. The well-known Vondelpark.
Which is just for kids to get a spot to sell their cookies,
cupcakes, candy and toys.
Be there right now (morning). Otherwise it can be quite busy.

And there is Amstelveld, around Utrechtsestraat (center).
You can walk around there and have a great time too.
But try to avoid the inner-city with kids.
For a lovely day visit the places we recommend.
You won’t regret ; )

Have an amazing day!

Photography: thecoolheads.com

DIY bling!

TCH_worldwaterday_thankyou_dankjewelSometimes you’ll manage to shoot a picture
and it feels like BOOM!

Just one, and just on our Instagram
Easy… All we needed was a
waterglass, stickers, a marble piece and the sun.

This very regular waterglass, became instantly cool,
with the cool stickerset of Mausbird.
To pimp your glassware, plates & cups,
or other small wannahaves.
And with all the rain in our country (boohoo!),
we’re looking forward to a
‘hangout-weekend-inside’ and
be creative DIY!-ers.

Have a lovely weekend y’all!


Photography: thecoolheads.com

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