Loud and clear!


A TEE is an archetype of form for boys.
It looks so easy to create a really good version, well it’s not.
It’s all about the right shape, the right fabric…
A fabric that stays beautiful after washing it 5000 times… Boys, you know…
But even more importantly… a very cool print!

In a minimalistic way…

Our very cool lovely friends from LOUD APPAREL know it very well.
Every season they come up with a great print.
For fashion conscions kids and parent alike.
In black and white or grey… stylish as ever!
We really love it!

So follow them too,
to make sure ¬†you know what we’re talking about…
And keep your boys
‘Margiela, Balenciaga, Comme des Garcons and Rick Owens-ish’
COOL… if you fancy REAL design!

Yes even a simple TEE does make a difference!

in cool Berlin.

P.s. more inspiration here

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