100% momma… nanny’s & cocktails.

100mamaevent4There’s an interesting event going on this weekend in Rotterdam.
The inspiring creative city in the Netherlands.

As a mom, with less time but more needs then just being a lovely cool caretaker…,
this event will show you the good things. It’s positive and happy.
Styles, launches of new cool brands,
inspiration for holidays. legal advice concerning work…,
nanny’s and whoop whoop… (virgin) cocktails…
what more do you need, haha…

Well a driver back home. So dad can come too (no drinking for him), haha…
They even have a DADDY-corner… Curious what that will be.
It’s sounds a bit like the ball pit of IKEA, but
we guess it will be much more contemporary than that!
Anyhow… yes darlings, it’s mommy-time
at 100% mama event.

MEET & GREET, with us, on Saturday August 13th is possible!
We’re happen to be nominated
for a TALENT AWARD at this event.
To be honest, we really like that…
because it’s a recognition from the pro’s in our country.

As we always write in English,
just a little group of people know our blog here.
Also because we focus on (just) boysssss…
and their cool contemporary world.
So…, fingers crossed, whoop whoop!


Photography: 100% mama event

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