Owwww BOY you will fall in love …


Schermafbeelding 2015-08-11 om 07.50.02Schermafbeelding 2015-08-11 om 07.50.17
Color bomb, paint in different styles, different techniques.
Beautiful color palette. Smart, awesome and beautiful
use of fabrics and their techniques.

Owwww BOY you will fall in love …
with the spring/summer collections for the next year.


This upcoming weeks you can expect updates, a glimpse of creation
and a little bit of the inside thoughts of your creative journalist’s head
But I won’t tell you all the secrets…

CIFF KIDS Copenhagen was really worth to pay a visit!
I love the way it’s been set up.
Interior upstairs and the clothing brands,
shoes, accessoires downstairs.
Very scandinavian clean and organised,
which has my preference in chaos.

I have one critical note;
(for the brands, not CIFF KIDS)
For press it’s not always a warm bath at some brands.
Because there are a lot of agents representing
instead of the designers themselves.
If you don’t buy you’re not very interesting for them,
which I think is a slightly shalow thought.
Especially when there is no-one at your booth.
it’s kind of weird…
Yes there are people really interested without expecting…

However… I’ve learned and it confirmed my thoughts…
Now I know for sure
why I’m so much more interested
in the designer, the creator.
Because we connect.
I really understand their passion,
their drive, the way they see the world
and why they want to make it better, nicer, cooler.

I had a very nice chat with CRLNBSMNS
and Vicky Wang from ONCE (Taiwan)
Which made it worth anyway.
Their passion for both their brand is beyond!

Caroline Bosmans is, in my opinion, a visionaire.
People from the kids fashion industry should study her work,
so they can learn what it’s really about.

are really my favourites for the dudes!
Every season they surprise us.
And they grow solid and inspire big time!

and we’re lucky to work with them.

I was so touched by a short movie/clip directed by Achim Lippoth.
Amazingly beautifully poeticly filmed.
Yes, with even one tear running down my cheek.

Keep your eyes open.
You can learn so much from the designers,
directors and creators!
They will show you the real beauty.

Photography: #thecoolheadsoninsta
With the best prop ever,
the cover of KID’S WEAR
by Achim Lippoth

there are some shop-owners which are more a
Like my friend Anne Postrach from TINY things for kids Berlin.
Very inspiring lovely lady. Check her very cool Berlin based store


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