Architects in da house ; )

TCH_Tinymodernism_3TCH_Tinymodernism_txt.1Finally we can reveal the other brand from sunny L.A..
The other half of the cool and lovely BELLY SESAME
A brand which we think Architectual connoisseurs
and enthousiasts will love for their kids!

If you’re smart and you follow us on Instagram
you could have already found out… ; )

Ladies and gentlemen… (& the cool dudes & dudettes…)
TINY MODERNISM is in da house…
And we LOVEEEEE it!!!!

From Bauhaus, to the Capsule Tower of Kisho Kurokawa..
From Rem & Norman & Renzo & Jean…
To Tadao & Kenzo & Shigeru & Toyo.

In a ‘must-have’-tee, size 2T, 4T. 6T
Or ‘onesie’, 3-6 m, 6-12m, 12-18m
Be fast, we only have a few.



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