TCH_still_PlaymobilOne upon a time in Amsterdam…
a little Mister was talking to some of his cool friends…
Mister Toekan, the boss mr. Buffalo, the missies Giraffe and Zebra.
Hanging around a couple of cool trees… on a couch…

Just playing together. All together.
It doesn’t matter how you play or what belongs together.
The imagination of a little boy can go wherever he wants it to go.

We so much love that!!!
Feeling sorry for ourselves in the matureworld, haha!

Well there’s one kind of toy we already know for 40-years… yes yes!
They celebrate it this year…
… who’ve started in 1974!

Which makes us slightly aware of the phase we’re in…
Good memories though…  still playing at the grandparents house
with old skool cool items…

Playmobil from our childhood are big wannahaves nowadays
because of their great contemporary look and cool colors.

We always think they should REMAKE it again,
so this generation can enjoy it too,
If it’s not in the collection of the (grand)parents already.

They’re still creating very cool new playworlds every year.
And if there’s an important event or celebration,
like the coronation of the new Dutch King & Queen last year,
there will be a Playmobil-version of them. So funny and cool!

Well we fell in love with the  Koala-bear-tree and Mister Toekan.
(Very Important People  in our home).
So sweet, great colors and they very much fit in the style of our home.

We’re already thinking about  the next generation, who will be able to play with
the newest versions of 2014 and will probably think…

Keep up the good contemporary vibes forever!
And if you need some help, we have some great suggestions.


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