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knip-je-eigen-beesten_loes-riphagen_coverWe are big fans
of Dutch Illustrator LOES RIPHAGEN‘s book
‘Trunk for the Nose’
or in Dutch ‘ Bij de neus genomen’.


That book is illustrated by a cutting paper (collage) technique,
which makes ‘the jungle’ becoming alive.
Actually for us it is art…
The cover of the book is open and looks like a showbox…
A black cover with the title in gold.
Really awesome and very unique!

As a follow up she’d made
which is something like

A booklet where she is teaching you
how to create a beautiful paper cut animal yourself.
In very easy steps with examples.
And if you will make a version on your own,
she will be delighted when you send her a picture.
Well, we will Loes : )

So obviously we’ve ordered this ourselves,
as we have a creative dude at home
and we are big fans of her work.

But this will be a great gift for birthdays,
Xmas or just creative days with the kids anyway.


 Images: /

Dancing Shoes

tch_frankeysue_1It’s no secret we have some favourite stores…
Even though we prefer to stay independent…
It is hard as some stores have it all and we fell a bit in love.

So we thought let’s share…

Starting with…

For this BEAUTY we wished we had a baby in the house.
We’ve tried to fit these at our 5-year-old…
But it didn’t work out ; )
So maybe we just put it in a glass bell and stare at it.
tch_frankeysue_4tch_frankeysue_3So if you can…, BUY IT! You really won’t regret it…
These dancing shoes of BIRDS OF NATURE



brothers_02_711-990x640brothers_02_697-990x640brothers_01_338-870x730brothers_01_077-990x640brothers_05_2240-480x640We’ve loved this series, for MILK MAGAZINE,
already since it was published in July,
this year …

But we will never publish the newest
because it’s new.
Only when the time is right.

We prefer to choose the coolest,
the contemporary
and therefore, in our opinion,
the best photoshoots with dudes.

So just check it out.
The images speaks for themselves.

The whole series you’ll find here!

For Milk magazine
Photographer : Tim Marsella
Creative Direcor: Jo McGuinness
Stylist: Fran Bartoli
Models :
Abobkr, Ahmed, Alex, Connor,
Dylan, George, Frank, Harvey,
Harry, Jaan, Lawrence & Lolli.

Brilliance no.8

TCH_Josh_by_Brock_ElbankImpressive portrait of Josh,
by the incredibly talented Mister Brock Elbank.
I knew his work before.
Familiar from the impressive BEARD-series,
which is not something the boys are ready for yet,
beards, ;-D

First of all this cool dude.

The photographer’s wife spotted this boy
and he thanked her for that on IG.
Totally understand that!
The most important ingredient to make it just a good
or an incredibly brilliant portrait is the right model.
Not just beautiful, but more likely one-of-a-kind.

His beautiful wreckles,
combined with his stunning curls and colour of his hair.
Never saw this before.

But then, the magic of the photographer…
the light, the background, the way the model poses.

In this portrait,
all has so many gorgeous tones in colour.
Absolutely stunning!
And his face is so strong,
his eyes have such a beautiful colour.
His torso is toned.
He could be a surfer, a football-player,
or just a boy his age.
It really doesn’t matter.
He has the grace of a contemporary Royal.
He looks so proud,
without any arrogance.
Just very very strong!

Absolutely brilliant!

Photography: Brock Elbank (mr. Elbank)


tch_super_groupe_costumesIt is that time of the year again… BOO!

But we’re figuring out,
is it about the costumes,
the candy or the scaryness…?

For us it’s about the costumes
and the scary faces.
Although, in a way,
they’re kind of cute all the time.

Here’s an example from the creatives of

The best costume!!!!
Very stylish, cute and fun!


More inspiration;

Image: Super Groupe


2014-11-17a22-01-232014-11-17a22-06-072014-11-17a22-02-302014-11-17a22-07-27Just because we LOVE these images!
Every time we see them it still makes us smile!

Even though ‘the face’ doesn’t smile… we just love ‘him’!
It is touching and so sweeeeeettt!!!
And the way
‘two eyes, 3 stripes of hair and one stripe as a mouth’
can make it instantly a character. That is so cool!

The lovely face is from LE TRAIN FANTOME

The series is from the blog of Aurélie Lécuyer, Le Dans La!
Aurélie is a talented photographer and stylist from France.
So we just want to show you something
which could make you just SMILE today!

Have a wonderful day!

Credits: Le Dans La by Aurélie Lécuyer


sol1_620_402_ssol7_620_402_ssol4_620_402_ssol_michelle_620_402_sThis is Sol for Boys by Girls.
Beautifully RAW captured
by the incredibly cool,
talented London-based Michelle Marshall.
We LOVE her work.

You feel it. Like you’ve been there too.
Like you were hanging out with them,
at the time of the photoshoot.
Like you know Sol.
It is raw but with such elegance. Always so stylish!
Brilliantly done by Becky Seager.

And read the inspiring text from this article.
It makes it a little documentary in stills.

Enjoy your weekend!

Photography: Michelle Marshall
Styling: Becky Seager
for Boys by Girls

#wannahave no.1

331604-f5d1f3e195a84bf8acf50702588e5a94331604-7190c496529e447bb7b21b57b8b397dd-510x600This PANDA POSTER of artist & illustrator
is one on top of our wishlist!
Because in a way you just see forms,
which makes a face.
But in detail it’s sooooooo good!!!!
Minimalistic and yet not detached at all!

And then the colours!
We have a big preference for
the ‘powderpink’ in our boys home.
Maybe because I need
a little bit of girlyness somewhere.
So this would be a thoughtful
pink detail in the house.
Absolutely gorgeous!
Big wannahave!

You can go to the artist’s website
HANNA KONOLA, but sold out already…
Or go to the store of my COOL friends
(online or offline)
and be as fast as you can.

You really want this!

Credits: Hanna Konola

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